Australasia comprises Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and and other Pacific Islands and is home to a fascinating array of birdlife including many endangered species. You will also find many flightless birds on the islands, such as cassowaries, emus and kiwis, that lost their ability to fly due to the lack of predators and competitors.

Blue-Faced Honeyeater
Blue-faced honeyeater

A bird watching holiday to Australasia gives you the opportunity see exotic birds of paradise, colourful parrots, kingfishers and finches, the smallest species of penguin in the world and the iconic kookaburra, all with a backdrop of beautiful and unspoilt scenery.

Take time to immerse yourself in the life, culture and dreamtime legends of indigenous peoples, their rock art and spiritual sites. And if you can, visit a local bird park or sanctuary where you can get up close to more exotic birds. Many bird parks are also involved in conservation programmes so you know your admission fee is being put to good use.
We have selected a fantastic range of Australasia destinations that are ideal for a bird watching break. Alternatively, you can search Expedia's full range of holiday destinations to find the perfect bird watching holiday for you:

New Zealand Bird Watching Holiday New Zealand Bird Watching Holiday
A holiday in New Zealand covers all bird habitats - alpine, sub-alpine, montane and lowland forest, wetlands and sandspit. Conservation guides can take you into areas such as Kahurangi National Park where you are most likely to see rare and endangered species.
Bird Watching In The Atherton Tablelands Bird Watching In The Atherton Tablelands
Just west of Cairns, the Atherton Tablelands are home to some of the most beautiful birds of Australia. In the rainforests and volcanic lakes you will have the chance to spot sooty owls, finches and parrots. Visit in the spring or summer before the wet season and you may be lucky to see a male bowerbird courting a female with some elaborate nest-building.
Melanesia Bird Watching Holiday Melanesia Bird Watching Holiday
Some of the best pelagic birding guides in the world will escort this expedition. They have visited these islands many times before and their extensive knowledge of the seabirds of the West Pacific is unparalleled. These guides are available from dawn until sundown and are happy to assist with spotting and identification. The nightly ‘reading of the ‘bird list’ aboard is legendary for its detail and lively discussion. This is one expedition you can’t afford to miss.
New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands Tour New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands Tour
Occupying the tempestuous latitudes of the Roaring Forties and the Furious Fifties, there is a good reason why the islands are also known as the Albatross Latitudes. Ten of the world’s albatross species breed in the region, five of them nowhere else but here.This zone where the air is never still hosts the most diverse collection of seabirds in the world. At least 11 percent of the entire world’s seabird population and more than 40 species, breed down here.
Pacific Islands Bird Watching Holiday Pacific Islands Bird Watching Holiday
Take in some key birding areas in the South West Pacific, cruising from New Zealand and following the path of the voyage traditionally know in birding circles as ‘Western Pacific Odyssey", ending in Papua New Guinea. There are oopportunities to see some of the rarest pelagic seabirds in the world plus many island endemics. In addition the cetacean list is outstanding and there will be numerous snorkelling, swimming and relaxing opportunities.
Northern Territory Bird Watching Holiday Northern Territory Bird Watching Holiday
Wetlands, billabongs and rainforests in Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve offer a diverse range of species including Australia's only stork, the jabiru. Kakadu National Park is a protected area, home to more than 280 species of birds, or about one-third of Australia's bird species. If your trip includes a visit to Uluru please respect the local customs and cultural values.
Bird Watching Holiday Christmas Island Bird Watching Holiday Christmas Island
The tropical island's rainforests and limestone cliffs are populated with seabirds and wanderers and the elaborate displays of many endemic species are similar to their Indonesian cousins. Christmas Island is also home to the annual migration of millions of red crabs, which attracts huge numbers of hungry birds. With no natural predators, the birds of Christmas Island are surprising tame and will happily perch on people's shoulders or feed from the hand.
Heaphy Hiking Holiday, New Zealand Heaphy Track Hiking Holiday, New Zealand
A trek along New Zealand's most diverse track through a large variety of habitat and scenery, ranging from lowland rain forest to sub alpine plateau. Rare birds may be seen, including blue ducks, kakas, and fern birds and great spotted kiwi may be heard screeching on most nights. The track can be walked at all times of the year, as the winter only brings a light coating of snow to the sub alpine area.

North America plays hosts to thousands of species of birds in a wonderful range of habitats, many of which are unspoiled. From the far north of Canada to the very south of Mexico a bird watching holiday to north America will give you the chance to see some amazing wildlife.

Bald Eagle

For bird enthusiasts, no trip to the United States is complete without a glimpse of America’s most famous bird, the bald eagle, whose range covers most of North America from the bayous of Louisiana to the deciduous forests of New England. The US is also home to a number of endemic species including the lesser prairie-chicken, the pelagic cormorant, the Carolina chickadee and the Florida scrub-jay.

Although Canada doesn’t support any endemic species of birds, it is a beautiful place to go to spot birds in spectacular scenery. While you’re away take the opportunity to look out for other wildlife including Canada’s very own Big Five; moose, elks, wolves, deer and bears.

With a wide variety of habitats, climates and ecosystems Mexico has more species of birds than the US and Canada combined. On a trip to Mexico look out for hawks, macaws, hummingbirds, owls as well as coastal birds including flamingos, pelicans, cormorants and frigatebirds.

For a gentler way of life a holiday in the Caribbean is guaranteed to be relaxing. You could either choose to stay on one of the 28 island nations or island hop to be in with a chance of seeing a greater variety of birds and wildlife. There’s something for every bird lover here, from hummingbirds, boobies, cuckoos, doves, spoonbills and flycatchers.
We have selected a fantastic range of North American destinations that are ideal for a bird watching break. Alternatively, you can search Expedia's full range of holiday destinations to find the perfect bird watching holiday for you:

Cuba Bird Watching Holiday Cuba Bird Watching Tour
Cuba is a fantastic birding destination as well as being a fascinating island to visit. There is a long list of both resident and migrant birds to be found in a variety of habitats including approximately 25 endemic species, about half of which are endangered. A bird watching holiday will provide plenty of opportunity to see all of these as well as many other Caribbean and North American species. Travel through a great variety of landscapes and habitats, from lush forests to craggy hills and vast wetlands.
Caribbean Nature Tour Caribbean Bird Watching Tour
An amazing opportunity to visit the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. There will be ample time to explore the fantastic natural landscapes on each one, as well as time to look for rare birds and to relax. The pace is gentle, the scenery is breath-taking, the accommodation is of an excellent standard and the travelling is easy. All this makes for a very special nature holiday and you can tweak your itinerary to perfectly suit your requirements.
Wildlife Holiday In Yellowstone National Park Wildlife Holiday In Yellowstone National Park
Spring in Wyoming’s iconic National Parks with ‘Old Faithful’ at its best, colourful birds, mammals feeding after winter, first spring flowers and wild landscapes. Autumn is a stunning time to visit two of the finest of America’s National Parks, Grand Teton and Yellowstone, resplendent with fall colour, plus wolves, bears, bison, beavers and birds.
Newfoundland Adventure Holiday Newfoundland Adventure Holiday
Observe seabirds such as murres, puffins, razorbilled auks, gannets, eagles, moose, caribou, and many other species of wildlife on a holiday in Newfoundland. Meals are a highlight and feature Newfoundland specialties such as bake apple tarts and partridgeberry pies.
New England Bird Watching Holiday New England Bird Watching Holiday
Birds, beavers, backwoods and big things at sea – all with legendary American hospitality! The very best combination of migrant birds and whales on USA’s eastern seaboard. Endless New England forests with majestic bald eagles, unspoilt beaches, marshes and thickets of Cape Cod and colourful birds and dazzling migrant warblers.
South East Alaska Birding Tour South East Alaska Birding Tour
With a lodge-based tour we can set the pace, enjoy full days on the water for whale-watching and glacier-gazing, and come back to our most comfortable digs for the night. On other days we keep our feet on land as we can hike coastal trails, peek into tide-pools, identify the myriad wildflowers, and search for breeding birds. We offer some options, such as time to paddle quieter waters in sea-kayaks; even a kayak trip with the whales! We don’t ignore some of the region’s classic sites, moving on from Gustavus hopefully with our wilderness and wildlife fill.

Asia extends from the tropics to the Arctic and includes the world's highest mountain ranges. This great diversity of climates and habitats is reflected in a great diversity of birds, with about 2,700 species occurring in the region.

Brahminy Starling
Brahminy Starling In Bharatpur

Observe cranes, kingfishers, comorants, ibis, egret, heron, partridge, river tern, stone plougher and snake birds - you might even spot a crocodile or two basking in the sun!

Winters in Asia (October to March), are particularly attractive to visitors because of the large number of migratory birds that are present at the time.

While you're away take some time to visit a local bird park or sanctuary where you can get up close to more exotic birds. Many bird parks are also involved in conservation programmes so you know your admission fee is being put to good use.
We have selected a fantastic range of Asian destinations that are ideal for a bird watching break. Alternatively, you can search Expedia's full range of holiday destinations to find the perfect bird watching holiday for you:

Kerala Bird Watching Holiday Kerala Bird Watching Holiday
Tropical rain forests are primary centres of species richness and endemism within the Western Ghats in India. There are more than 450 known bird species found at this hotspot, of which 24 are endemic, mostly found in the lowland rainforests and high altitude montane forests of the Western Ghats which are also considered as an Endemic Bird Area by BirdLife International.
Sri Lanka Birding Holiday Sri Lanka Birding Holiday
For a small island Sri Lanka has a rich bird fauna and many passionate bird lovers rank Sri Lanka among their favourite destinations. 426 bird species have been seen on the Island of which 33 of these are endemic to Sri Lanka - a fabulous birding holiday awaits! This birding paradise boasts a variety of environments including wet to dry zones, jungles, hill country, lowlands and tropical rain forests where a stunning list of endemic, resident and migratory birds can be found.
Bharatpur Bird Watching Holiday Bharatpur Bird Watching Holiday
A holiday to Bharatpur will take you to the best birding sites in the upper reaches of Central India. Bharatpur is a world renowned wetland for birds where you will encounter more than 200 species including Gangetic specialties such as the white-tailed stonechat & striated babbler, along with the chance to see up to 9 species of eagle, plus a superb variety of forest species, passerines and migrants.
Jordan Bird Watching Holiday Bird Watching Holiday In Jordan
The ancient “lost city” of Petra is a “must see” destination, but it’s in the less visited wilderness areas that you can find so much more of what this country has to offer. Hume’s owl, Syrian serin, Sinai rosefinch are all possible. Stand by the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth and see the amazing ‘sky blue’ Sinai agama at Little Petra and seabirds, migrants and wetlands by the Red Sea
Bird Watching Holiday In Bhutan Bird Watching Holiday In Bhutan
Birdwatching is one of Bhutan's star attractions, and if you like to indulge your birdwatching habit while exploring new and beautiful parts of the world, then Bhutan really should be high on your list of places to visit. With a unique and rich Buddhist culture, spectacular Himalayan scenery, and one of the most diverse and rich ranges of birdlife on the planet, a birdwatching holiday in Bhutan is a really special experience.
Sulawesi Bird Watching Holiday, Indonesia Sulawesi Bird Watching Holiday, Indonesia
A holiday to this part of the world provide you with some of the best bird watching to be had in Sulawesi, Indonesia an area that boasts one of the largest endemic bird populations on earth with the main island of Sulawesi being home to no less than 12 endemic genera and over 40 endemic species. A further 56 species are endemic to the Sulawesi sub-region which covers the neighbouring islands of Sula and Banggai.
Bird Watching Holiday To Chukotka, Russia Bird Watching Holiday To Chukotka, Russia
Visit a wide range of habitats, with many landings and ‘at sea’ opportunities. Holidaymakers can be amongst the first birders and ornithologists to land at some sites and the information gained during a holiday on species seen, their abundance and breeding status, will provide important data to their management and conservation.

Africa is made up of many beautiful habitats including wetlands, rainforests, lagoons, saltpans, savannahs and woodlands and on a bird watching holiday in Africa you will be guaranteed to view the myriad species of birds that live in these habitats. Observe flamingos, pelicans, eagles, buzzards, parrots, cranes, raptors, ostriches and many more against a backdrop of stunning scenery.

Blue-Breasted Kingfisher
Blue-Breasted Kingfisher

If you are interested in other wildlife then why not combine an African bird watching holiday with a safari and take the opportunity to see some of Africa’s other amazing creatures such as lions, rhinos, giraffes, zebra, elephants and hippos close up.

While you're away take some time to visit a local bird park or sanctuary where you can get up close to more exotic birds. Many bird parks are also involved in conservation programmes so you know your admission fee is being put to good use.
We have selected a fantastic range of African destinations that are ideal for a bird watching break. Alternatively, you can search Expedia's full range of holiday destinations to find the perfect bird watching holiday for you:

Gambia Bird Watching Tour Gambia Bird Watching Tour
Stay in one of the world’s best bird watching environments where are 576 known species of bird - come and see how many you can identify. Just in your hotel grounds you're likely to spot blue breasted kingfishers, wattled plovers and wood hoopoes. The best season to visit The Gambia is October to May.
Ethiopian Bird Watching Holiday Ethiopian Bird Watching Holiday In Bale Mountains
No other aspect of Ethiopia’s biology typifies its unique situation more than its prolific and numerous bird fauna. Visit the Bale Mountains and find yourself spoiled for choice with over 830 recorded species and 23 species found nowhere else in the world. Of the ten bird families endemic to the African mainland, eight are represented in Ethiopia.
Rwanda & Uganda Bird Watching Rwanda & Uganda Bird Watching
After the tragedies of its recent past, Rwanda is firmly back on the birding map and is often referred to as the land of a thousand hills. The magnificent Nyungwe Forest offers the finest birding in the Albertine Rift and has more rift endemics, and most are far more common, than in neighbouring Uganda where the focus is on lowland forest specialities, in particular the spectacular green-breasted pitta in Kibale and one of the most epic of all African birds, the incredible shoebill.
Raptors In Swaziland Raptors In Swaziland
Raptors, which include eagles, hawks and vultures, are large predatory birds that have witnessed major population declines across much of Africa. This project aims to contribute to the conservation ecology of these birds in Swaziland and you can take part in activities include searching for nests, monitoring nesting success, tagging chicks, and capturing and tagging adults. Much of the current focus is on vultures and Marabou storks which, due to their particular lifestyle, are considered "honorary" raptors.
Seychelles Holiday, Bird Island & Praslin Seychelles Holiday, Bird Island & Praslin
Bird Island offers a private island, Robinson Crusoe experience without the luxury resort experience and prices that usually goes with it. A nature lover’s paradise, the birdlife is spectacular here with large numbers of lesser and brown noddies, fairy terns and waders. You will also see giant tortoises, including Esmeralda, the largest in the world, and the hawksbill turtles that lay their eggs on the shore.
Bird Watching In Botswana Bird Watching In Botswana
The varied habitats of Botswana are ideal for a high diversity of wildlife and bird species with large concentrations of endangered wattled cranes, slaty egrets and lesser jacanas. Take part in a Migration Route and experience a nostalgic camping safari through private nature areas off the beaten path that recreates a sense of wildlife viewing adventure reminiscent of the times of the early African explorers.

Click on the "MORE INFO ..." links to see full details of each of the holidays and to book or make an enquiry.

Trinidad And Tobago Nature Tour Trinidad And Tobago Nature Tour
On this tour, we hope to show you some of the 2300 species of flowering plants, 600 or so different butterflies and over 470 species of birds that can be found on these islands. Visit vast areas of lush tropical rainforests and wetlands teeming with exotic wildlife such as the Caroni swamp where you can watch thousands of Trinidad’s national bird, the Scarlet Ibis, flock home to roost or the remote beaches where giant Leatherback turtles keep returning to lay their eggs.
Trinidad And Tobago Bird Watching Holiday Trinidad And Tobago Bird Watching Holiday
For either the novice interested in bird watching or the dedicated ornithologist, this twin island republic is a true birdwatching paradise, a year round destination, where the many birding sites and wildlife sanctuaries are easily accessible. There are few places in the world where so many bird species can be seen in such a small area, many of them unique, very rare, or of particular interest.
Trinidad And Guyana Bird Watching Tour Trinidad And Guyana Bird Watching Tour
This comprehensive tailor-made itinerary starts with 5 days in Trinidad, staying at the world reknowned Asa Wright Nature Centre, which is the perfect gentle introduction to South American birding. This is followed by 9 nights in Guyana, located on the north eastern shoulder of South America and just one hours flight away from Trinidad, it is the gateway to both Amazonia and the Caribbean. Still little known, Guyana's lush interior, criss-crossed by a myriad of rivers and cascading waterfalls, enveloped by virgin rainforest, revealed in its far-stretching savannahs and teeming with tropical wild life rivals the best nature and adventure destinations anywhere else in the world.
Chiloe Island Bird Watching Holiday Chiloe Island Bird Watching Holiday
Discover the wonders that Darwin saw on his journey to the south of Chile. Explore this fascinating territory of the Chilean Rainforest to see the same species of flora and fauna described by one of the Fathers of Modern Science. During the course of five days you can explore the hidden corners of Chiloe on foot and by water. In Chiloe fishing boats you will discover the coast of the island, where you can spot several species of mammals, shorebirds and seabirds, not to mention the Humboldt Penguin and the Magellanic Penguin.
Ecuador Ecolodge Holiday Ecuador Ecolodge Holiday
The lodge is just a part of a large conservation project that includes the conservation of approximately 52,000 acres of the most pristine Amazon Rain Forest within the Yasunì National Park. This is an important biosphere reserve and the largest tract of tropical rain forest in Ecuador.The Lodge is located by the Anangucocha lake, within the ancestral lands of the Anangu Quichua community and was built in conjunction with EcoEcuador, a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation efforts in Ecuador. On forest trails you are guided by native guides, and you will see monkeys, lizards, tortoises, frogs and army ants in addition to an array of birds. These include toucans, macaws, parrots, manakins and hummingbirds.
Colombia Bird Watching Holiday Colombia Bird Watching Holiday
Colombia is a land of contrasts and the second most bio-diverse country in the world, after Brazil. This diversity of flora and fauna makes Colombia a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers. Wherever you are in the country, the birding is sure to astound. More than 1900 species of birds can be found here, 74 of which are endemic, as well as 3500 species of butterflies, 3500 species of orchids – the list goes on! There are an impressive number of National Parks in which to enjoy the landscape and to observe the wildlife and on this tour we will show you the best.
Ecuador Bird Watching Tour Ecuador Bird Watching Tour
Ecuador is one of the premier destinations for birding in the world. Nowhere else on the planet can you find this diversity in such a small country! Ecuador can boast of about 1630 species, and is the fourth richest bird country in the world. It has a great bio-diversity from sea level and up to more than 6000 metres. The country owes much of this diversity to the many different types of flora to be found here. Coastal forest, rain forest and cloud forest provide plenty of different habitats for birds to live in. With the best guides and experts you will be experimenting the best of birdwatching in Ecuador.

European habitats and scenery are rich and varied and against this beautiful back drop you will be able to see a variety of birds and wildlife.

Dalmatian Pelicans
Dalmatian Pelicans in Hungary

In Eastern Europe traditional lifestyles and agriculture survive and it is fast emerging as an important eco-destination. Amongst backwater islands and isolated peasant villages you can observe birds of prey, warblers, swallows, nightingales and woodpeckers while in coastal areas are spoonbills, ibises, herons and ducks.

On a tour in Spain you can see thousands of migratory raptors as they fly to and from Africa including griffons, vultures, kites and eagles. Wetlands are home to storks, herons and flamingos while egrets, larks, sandipers and owls live in the many cotton, maize and sunflower fields.

Take advantage on a European bird watching holiday to immerse yourself in the local culture and sample traditional foods and customs.

While you're away take some time to visit a local bird park or sanctuary where you can get up close to more exotic birds. Many bird parks are also involved in conservation programmes so you know your admission fee is being put to good use.
We have selected a fantastic range of European destinations that are ideal for a bird watching break. Alternatively, you can search Expedia's full range of holiday destinations to find the perfect bird watching holiday for you:

Kuril Islands Bird Watching Cruise Kuril Islands
Russia’s Far East is one of the more dramatic places on earth to observe the Pacific Ring of Fire which manifests itself at numerous points along the Kuril Islands. Laysan albatross, mottled petrel, fork-tailed storm-petrel, red-faced cormorant, red-legged kittiwake and Aleutian tern are other seabirds are regularly encountered. Those keen on cetaceans should expect to see blue, fin, sperm, humpback and grey whales, orca (killer whales), Baird’s beaked-whale and Dall’s porpoise.
Bird Watching Holiday In France Bird Watching Holidays In France
Plenty of bird watching is available at the Auberge in the adjacent woods and meadows and by the lake and stream. It is also worthwhile to drive to the Marais Poitevin and the Baie d’Aiguillon which are home to different species from those in the immediate vicinity. The blend of brilliant bird watching, plenty of other things to do, exceptional hospitality and a reasonable price make France a great destination for bird watching.
Bird Watching Holiday In Andalucia Bird Watching Holiday In Andalucia
A place where continents, seas and landscapes merge. Natural diversity and one of the most important stopover, breeding and wintering grounds for millions of birds. We will be focused on bird watching, visiting the famous natural areas of Doñana, Ria Formosa and the Odiel Marslands, a paradise for ornithologists from all over the world. The natural landscape of the Odiel, Isla Cristina and Ayamonte marshes will give us the chance to visit tidal marshlands and its fauna.
Mull & Speyside Wildlife Holiday Mull & Speyside Wildlife Holiday
The Isle of Mull is a favourite place to go bird watching where magnificent birds choose to overwinter including great Northern divers and Slavonian grebe. See some of Britain’s very best and striking wildlife, including eagles and other raptors, otters and take a boat trip for “up close and personal” views of puffins and seabirds.
Bird Watching In Hungary Bird Watching In Hungary
Situated on the southern slopes of the Bukk National Park in Eastern Hungary, Eger is ideally placed to see Hungary's spectacular bird life. The large and extensive oak, beech and Hornbeam forests are home to eight species of woodpecker and four species of eagle. In addition the more scrubby areas are alive with the song of nightingales.
Bulgaria Bird Watching Holiday Bulgaria Bird Watching Holidays
Beautiful landscape and fantastic birds – a holiday in Bulgaria takes you to the most amazing places, from the Eastern Rhodope Mountains to the Black Sea Coast, with steppes and wetlands in between. See pelicans, pygmy cormorant, glossy ibis, ruddy shelduck, imperial eagle, long-legged buzzard, levant sparrow hawk and many other species.
Northumberland Bird Watching Holiday Northumberland Bird Watching Holiday
A bird watching holiday on the beautiful and wild Northumberland coast will take you in search of seaducks, scarce grebes, divers, shorebirds and geese - spend a day on Holy Island plus a day inland looking for crossbills, red grouse and raptors. You may even get the chance to spot something rare if the winds are right!
Extremadura, Spain Bird Watching Holiday Extremadura, Spain Bird Watching Holiday
Bird watching in a part of real Spain as it’s been for centuries - a must-see place. We stay in a beautiful,locally owned rural finca hotel with hearty meals using local produce and local wines are available. Birds seen from the finca include Azure-winged Magpie, White Stork, Red Kite, Red-rumped Swallow, Serin, Hoopoe, Sardinian Warbler, Cirl and Corn Bunting, Woodchat and Southern Grey Shrike . . . and even Scops Owl.
Oland, Sweden Bird Watching Holiday Oland, Sweden Bird Watching Holiday
Autumn migration at its very best: masses of cranes, geese and eiders, bewildering numbers of robins and goldcrests, and a chance of Eastern and Arctic rarities. Stay near the famous bird observatory at Ottenby, which is surrounded by unspoilt countryside where wooden windmills and burial mounds dot the charming open landscape. In the autumn the red and yellow timber houses are decorated with orange pumpkins and the migrating birds are overwhelming!
Wildlife Holiday Spain, Sierra de Andujar Wildlife Holiday Spain, Sierra de Andujar
Andujar Natural Park holds Spain's most thriving population of Lynx, the worlds most endangered cat and yet is one of its best kept secrets. Birds of prey are a common sight including imperial and golden eagles, griffon vultures, buzzards and owls, many of which breed here. Other inhabitants of the watercourses are chiffchaffs, warblers, golden orioles, nightingales, grey and purple herons, little grebes, coots and mallard.
Ebro Delta Bird Watching Holiday Ebro Delta Bird Watching Holiday
Escape from the British winter weather for some spectacular birding in the wetlands, mountains and steppes of Catalonia. The vast area is home to thousands of wintering wetland birds including glossy ibis, great white egret, greater flamingo, moustached warbler, bluethroat, kingfishers and penduline tits. Visit the mountains for Spanish ibex, griffon vulture and the agricultural steppes for little Bustard, pin-tailed sandgrouse and larks
Spanish Pyrenees Bird Watching Holiday Spanish Pyrenees Bird Watching Holiday
We stay in the Hotel Usón, an alpine-style hotel in a magnificent location. It is a simple but delightfully furnished rural hotel set on its own with spectacular mountain views and good birding all around. It is located 7 km from Hecho in the Natural Park of the Valles Occidentales del Pirineo Aragonés. The hotel is surrounded by mountains and forests at an altitude of 1,000 metres and is next to the River Aragon Subordan. The hotel has its own spring which provides their water supply. There is a small bar and a lovely glazed veranda with library.
Scotland Wildlife Holiday Scotland Wildlife Holiday
Stay in the heart of Cairngorms National Park to see some amazing wildlife including Scotland's Big 5 - golden eagle, red squirrel, otter, red deer and harbour seal. Guided wildlife and bird watching tours and walks are available where you could spot crested tits, parrot crossbills, capercaillie and ptarmigan.
Greece Bird Watching Holiday Greece Bird Watching Holiday
Discover the unique birds of the Cyclades Islands such as the Eleonora’s falcon, Audouin’s gull, Mediterranean shag, Cory’s shearwater and the yelkouan shearwater while sailing from island to island. It's possible to participate in scientific research while on board sailing yachts contributing to the conservation of those birds and their habitats in collaboration with the scientists from the Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS). Visit authentic Greek Islands that have preserved their local heritage, traditional cuisine and the genuine welcome offered by its people.

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