This tiny camera designed for nest boxes is as small as a match box. Set one up and take part in your very own Springwatch in your back garden!

Wireless Bird Box Camera

The specially designed camera records at 700TV lines - more than any other bird box camera on the market - and has a 50 m wireless range.

Designed for use in enclosed spaces, the camera features a 2.8 mm lens which gives a large field of view and helps ensure you get the entire box in the frame.

The night-vision camera includes invisible infra-red LEDs which allows for recording in complete darkness without giving off a red glow. There is a built in microphone to allow audio recording from inside your nest box

The camera is simple to install and the included receive will pick up both audio and video without the need for cables. Also included is a 5 m power cable.

Wireless bird box camera - BUY NOW

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