British Bird Lovers is 10 years old. What started out as a hobby has grown into a website with tens of thousands of monthly visitors and over a hundred and fifty thousand fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Over the years we have covered the costs of running British Bird Lovers and our social media pages and groups in our own time, with our own money and a small amount of advertising from the site. As numbers have increased, our costs have increased and managing discussion boards and groups is getting harder and we are under much more scrutiny.

This means we haven’t been able to maintain the website in the way we would have liked to and provide a service that our visitors deserve. For example, we haven’t kept up to date with new technology in particular the huge growth of smartphone use, and some of our content is out of date.

Some of the things we want to do:

• Move to a better server to make the website run faster

• Redesign the website to make it easier to read and work better on mobile phones and tablets

• Refresh the content to bring it up to date and to ensure its accuracy

• Expand and improve the British birds identification guides

Some of our more ambitious plans are:

• A members’ area to give people a place to come together to share their love of birds

• A smartphone app for people to share photos and details of birds they have seen

• Manage data to help protect and monitor birds

• A better way of collecting feedback so we can build more features that our users want

To help us make these ideas happen we need your help. We are asking our readers to make a contribution so we can keep our site running effectively.

£10 would help us improve the website and build some of the more basic features. £25 would help us start working on some of our more ambitious plans. But a contribution of any size would be invaluable. You can support us via Paypal by clicking on the button below.

Thank you!
Anna & Damian

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