Bird Of Prey Falconry Day
For a unique gift idea, bird lovers can get up close and personal with some of nature's magnificent birds of prey and learn about the art of falconry. Spend a full day at the centre, finding out all about the birds and getting time to experience falconry first-hand. Read more ...

Bird Of Prey Falconry Taster
This bird of prey taster is a great way to get introduced and familiarised with some of Britain's top predators. Taking place in Essex, Derbyshire, Herefordshire or Suffolk, begin by being introduced to the various birds of prey on-site. Depending on location, get up close and personal with different species of hawks, owls or falcons. Read more ...

Bird Of Prey Experience In Kent
Try your hand at the ancient art of hawking and falconry and be inspired by the sheer power and skill of a bird of prey. This introductory class gives a great start in meeting and getting comfortable with these powerful creatures. The session kicks off with a tour of Eagle Heights and a briefing session on different species and their unique features and strengths. Read more ...

Add a little festive cheer to your garden this Christmas with these seasonal bird feeders. If you're lucky you may even attract a robin!

During the winter months, it's extra important to feed the birds that visit your garden as their natural sources of food may have frozen over. They also need plenty of energy to keep warm and prepare the breeding season in he coming months.

These bird feeders from Chapelwood are perfect for feeding a variety of food such as nuts or sunflower hearts which are adored by finches. They come in three designs - a snowman, a penguin and Father Christmas - and are great for getting children interested in birds and wildlife. They would all make lovely Christmas gifts or stocking fillers too.

Penguin Bird Feeder
Also available are

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