In The Running Sky - A Bird Watching Life, birdwatcher Tim Dee charts his observations and encounters with birds over four decades.



The Running Sky" records a lifetime of looking at birds. There have been many books on the birdwatcher's awkward obsession, but there has been nothing until this that so brilliantly restores us to the primacy of looking, the thrill of watching and thinking about the flying wild creatures that share our planet.

Tim Dee writes about what he has seen in a language we have never read before but will recognise as accurate and familiar, with insights new-minted yet immediately understood, in prose that is at once precise and poetic. The Running Sky follows the birds' year from one summer to the next.

The book begins in the summer with clouds of breeding seabirds in Shetland and ends with crepuscular nightjars like giant moths in the heart of England, and takes us outside, again and again, to stand - with or without binoculars - under the storm of life over our heads, and to marvel once more, as all humankind has, at what is flying about us. In the current resurgence of British nature writing, The Running Sky will take its place in the very first rank.

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