The Life Of Birds by David Attenborough is a wonderful accompaniment to the 1998 television series and essential reading for any nature lover.

The Life Of Birds
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There are over 9000 species of birds spanning the globe from Arctic to Antartic, from deserts to jungle and from mountain tops to sea shores. In The Life Of Birds, David Attenborough presents the results from extensive research into bird behaviour including their strategies for finding food, their complex social systems, and their ingenious and sometimes bizarre ways of mating and breeding.

Lyrical descriptions and colourful photos do our feathered friends ample justice, along with sightings of the hilarious and the downright bizarre. Take the drab potoo, for instance: positioning himself at the top of a snag - head raised, eyes closed - he all but disappears. Or the diversity of avian abodes: nests range from the barely discernible cliff scrape of the razorbill to the 6ft high penthouse of the hamerkop. Attenborough's quest for the most striking birds takes us from Pyrenees peaks to the ice of Antarctica, flushing bare-necked umbrella birds, torrent ducks and the brilliant orange, bunny-hopping cock of the rock. Bird lovers will flock to this exceptional book.

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