Add to tomorrow's knowledge of birds by sending your sightings to the Birdtrack website.

Keep Records

This online recording scheme from the BTO, RSPB and BirdWatch Ireland enables you to store all your birdwatching records and support species and site conservation. With one click, you can have you records forwarded automatically to the relevant county recorder. See the link from this page.

Send your sightings to county recorders and local bird clubs, a mainstay of bird recording in the UK. Your records are important for local conservation and to build the county’s ornithological history. For a list of the County Bird Recorders, visit the county recorders website or ask at your local library.

You can get involved in national monitoring schemes too, such as the Breeding Bird Survey and the Wetland Bird Survey.

If you’ve been birdwatching abroad, visit World Birds and give your sightings to the BirdLife International Partner in that country. Your data could be vital in protecting sites and species in the country you’ve visited.

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