CJ Wildlife is Europe’s largest wild bird food supplier and specializes in offering products, services and advice to help bring people and wildlife closer together.

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CJ WildBird Foods Ltd was founded in 1987 on a farm in Shopshire by Chris Whittles, a lifelong ornithologist and wildlife enthusiast.

In the beginning they sold just a small range of seeds for wild birds but as awareness of the benefits of feeding garden birds grew so did the company.

CJ Wildlife have been instrumental in the growth of the bird food market and thanks to their extensive research and food development programme the range of wild bird food has increased significantly over the years.

CJ Wildlife was the first wild bird food company to introduce many of the wild bird seed that are now taken for granted including black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, niger seed and kibbled sunflower hearts. They were also the first company to sell peanuts with nil-detectable aflatoxin, meaning birds were no longer at risk from this deadly mould.

All of CJ Wildlife’s products are carefully developed and researched to ensure they meet the needs of garden birds and other garden wildlife. They stock a wide selection of high quality foods, feeders, nest boxes and bird baths as well as books, binoculars, multimedia items and gifts.

CJ Wildlife have also used their wildlife expertise to develop specialist wildlife food mixes including hedgehog food endorsed by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

They also led the field in researching the beneficial impact of Red Mason Bees on the pollination of fruit crops and plants, and in 2011 were the first to offer Red Mason Bee Cocoons for sale in the UK.


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