Preventing squirrels stealing your garden birds' food can be one of the biggest problems you face when trying to attract birds to your garden.

Squirrel Stop

The Squirrel Stop is an automatic spinning squirrel deterrent to stop squirrels stealing your bird seed. Every time a squirrel climbs on to the feeder the Squirrel Stop senses the squirrel's weight and activates its motor. The feeder spins and the squirrel will have to jump off.

Squirrels will soon learn to leave your bird feeders alone and your birds will be able to enjoy their food undisturbed.

The Squirrel Stop is completely safe and harmless to both squirrels and birds and was recommended by BBC Gardener's World Magazine as a Best Buy.

The Squirrel Stop weighs 4.5 kg and works with any hanging feeder. The Squirrel Stop uses 3 D alkaline batteries which are not included.

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