Silent Roar is a cat repellent made with the real essence of lion dung. Silent Roar works on the principle of the territorial chain of the animal kingdom; that is, cats will come nowhere near an area they think a lion has been.

Silent Roar


Silent Roar is a completely natural and environmentally-friendly product and it contains no artificial chemicals. The pellets are soaked in real lion dung and then dried and sterilised. In addition to its cat deterrent properties Silent Roar is also a lion manure and works as a nitrogen rich fertiliser helping your plants grow big and strong.

Silent Roar pellets need to be placed 3-4 inches apart in your garden and one application in normal weather conditions should last about 3 months. After heavy rain it may be a good idea to put out a few more pellets. Silent Roar has also been found to repel squirrels, deer and foxes.

In a test of cat repellants carried out by BBC Watchdog Silent Roar came out top. After just 3 hours of one application no cats visited the garden.

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