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This Gardman Feedsafe bird feeder is shaped to look like a Chinese lantern and will attract a variety of birds to your garden.

Chinese Lantern Bird Feeder

Feedsafe bird feeders were developed in conjunction with the BTO and are designed to prevent squirrels and larger birds getting close to the food.

The nut feeder is made entirely fro steel and features a screw=on lid with a built in hook, making filling and cleaning simple. The wide base and lid will provide protection from the elements.

All Feedsafe feeders feature a unique antibacterial coating which improves hygiene and helps prevent the spread of disease.

The Feedsafe Chinese lantern nut feeder costs £18.00 - target="_blank"BUY NOW

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This binoculars and tuck box from Burgon & Ball would make the perfect gift for any twitching enthusiast.

Binoculars And Tuck Tin

The petrol blue storage tin is a fantastic way to hold bird watching essentials such as binoculars, notebooks and field guides, while the sliding compartment in the lid can be used to store vital sustenance - sandwiches, pork pies and cakes - and any other items you want to keep separate.

The tin fastens with two strong clips and measure 28 cm wide x 15.5 cm x 25 cm high. It is available in blue, burgundy and green.

Bird watching tuck box - BUY NOW

This beautifully designed bird feeder would look at home in any urban or contemporary garden and will attract birds who will come to feed at it.

Urban Bird Feeder

The urban feeder is designed in a contemporary style and is constructed from Clayplas+ which is a composite material of clay and recycled plastics and lined with natural timber.

The outer shell has two keyhole hanging points to allow the bird feeder to be hung square on or as a diamond to suit. It measures 16 cm x 16 cm x 15 cm.

Urban Bird Feeder - BUY NOW

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The RSPB goldfinch finger puppet is a brilliant toy for children that is both educational and fun.

RSPB Goldfinch Finger Puppet

The finger puppet is made to look as life-like as possible and has an elasticated entrance so will stay firmly in place when in use.

It will allow children to be creative and will educate and entertain them while having fun. The height of the finger puppet is 12cm.

The RSPB goldfinch finger puppet company costs just £3.50 - BUY NOW

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