Putting out a bird table is one of the simplest ways you can encourage birds into your garden. This accessory set from Tom Chambers contains everything you need to get started feeding wild birds.

Tom Chambers Accessory Set

The accessories set contains:

A fine gauze open dish feeder
A water dish for drinking and bathing
Four hooks for hanging fat balls
A hanger for a feeder

Tom Chambers is one of the leading suppliers of bird care products and you can be assured that that kit will be made to the highest standards.

The Tom Chambers Bird Table Accessory Set - BUY NOW

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This squirrel proof bird feeder will help you deal with one of the biggest problems faced when feeding birds - keeping squirrels away from peanuts which they like to eat just as much as birds.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
£17.99 - BUY NOW

The squirrel proof bird feeder uses a simple yet effective mechanism that relies on gravity to protect your peanuts from squirrels.

If a squirrel approaches the feeder and attempts to climb down the feeding section its body weight lowers the protective sleeve which means that it cannot get at the food inside.

The peanut feeder is constructed from stainless steel and aluminium which means the feeder is also indestructible by squirrels' sharp teeth.

This squirrel proof bird feeder has been approved by the Birdcare Standards Association and the British Trust For Ornithology.

The squirrel proof peanut bird feeder measures 8 x 8 x 30 cm and is the ideal way to keep pests away from your bird food.

The squirrel proof peanut bird feeder costs just £15.99 - BUY NOW


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An elegant ceramic bird bath from Chapelwood that will attract birds to your garden to drink and bathe.

Chapelwood Hanging Ceramic Bird Bath

£7.49 - GO TO STORE

The blue glazed ceramic bird bath can be hung from a tree or a post safely away from predators and you can enjoy watching your garden birds splash in the water.

The bird bath measures 30 x 8 x 30cm high.

The hanging ceramic bird bath costs just £7.49 - BUY NOW

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Collins Bird Guide claims to be The Most Complete Guide To The Birds Of Britain And Europe and was described in a review by Mark Golley in Birding World as undoubtedly the finest field guide that has ever been produced", and "the last great bird book of the 20th century".

It was written by Lars Svensson, Killian Mullarney, Dan Zetterström and Peter J. Grant and illustrated by Killian Mullarney and Dan Zetterström

In 2013 Lars Svensson, was presented with the first Marsh International Award for Ornithology by the BTO recognizing his work on the international stage as having had significant influence on British ornithology.

The guide was originally published in Swedish and English in hardback in 1999 and in paperback a year later. The first edition was translated into 14 European languages including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch and a large-print English-language edition has also been produced.

A second edition was published in January 2010 and in May 2015 a number of further updates to both text and illustrations were made.

Collins Bird Guide covers Europe, the North Atlantic Islands as well as much of North Africa and the Middle East.
From Zone Outdoor comes this beautiful modern bird feeder that will attract birds to your garden.

Porcelain Bird Feeder

The contemporary but classic design is finished in porcelain gloss and comes in two colours; black and white.

The top half provides shelter for birds who will feed from the seed bowl underneath.

The bird feeder is easy to assemble with a strong metal suspension loop and can be hung in trees, under bird tables or from wall brackets.

It measures 15 cm diameter by 20 cm high.

Contemporary Porcelain Bird Feeder - BUY NOW

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