Give wrens their own home to bring up chicks with this spherical wren house made by Schwegler.

Schwegler Wren House

Wrens prefer an enclosed, round nest hole lined with moss feathers and fur. Tidier gardens means less natural nesting spots so this spherical wren house is a great alternative.

The Wren round house is made from Schwegler wood-concrete, a unique weather-resistant, long-lasting material which also has the quality of ‘breathability’ which prevents condensation and provides excellent protection from nest predators.

The hanger is made from galvanized steel cable which can be easily looped over a sawn-off branch or post.

The spherical wren bird box not only houses wrens when bringing up their young but also provides a place where they can sleep in the winter. It will also attract other birds that nest in holes and cavities, including blue, coal and great tits and tree and house sparrows.

The wren house is approx 18.5cm diameter and has an entry hole 30 x 27mm. The cable length is approx 20cm and it is an attractive Ivy Green colour.

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