Below you will find products to attract all sorts of wildlife to your garden including butterflies, moths, insects, small mammals such as bats and hedgehogs, and frogs and toads. If you want to attract bees to your garden take a look at our range of bee friendly products and seeds for bees.

Butterfly House And Feeder Butterfly House And Feeder
Butterflies are increasingly rare in our gardens because of the lack of suitable flowers to provide food and lack of shelter. Provide both with this pack of a butterfly House plus butterfly seeds and do your bit make the life of butterflies a little easier.
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Tom Chambers Hedgehog House Tom Chambers Hedgehog House
Tom Chambers have produced this hedgehog house to encourage more of these interesting and endangered animals into your garden. They help control slugs and snails as well as being extremely interesting and entertaining to watch. Attractive and of a unique design, the hedgehog house provides a safe habitat for hedgehogs in the garden.
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Chapelwood Lacewing Chamber Chapelwood Lacewing Chamber
The Chapelwood lacewing chamber is a perfect solution for providing a safe place for lacewings to spend the winter. Constructed from solid FSC pine, this product is designed to be wall mounted and with it's attractive, quality design, it provides a beautiful addition to any garden.
Solar Insect Theatre Solar Insect Theatre
A fascinating and interactive feature in the garden, the solar insect theatre is constructed from durable and long-lasting FSC timber. The insect theatre features a glazed front for ease of visibility and unique solar lighting with its own storage batteries that automatically light up at dusk attracting moths, lacewings, butterflies and other interesting flying insects into the theatre.
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Wildlife World Ladybird Tower Wildlife World Ladybird Tower
A natural habitat to attract ladybirds and other beneficial insects, these fascinating insect homes are constructed from solid FSC birch logs and oak, larch, or similar timber for durability. The Ladybird Tower has a hollow central chamber producing natural insulation and security. Intersecting the chamber are many holes drilled into the log at an upward angle, to prevent water ingress, but which allows the insects to reach the insulated and safe inner chamber.
Bat Box Bat Box
This natural and attractive double chamber bat box provides roosts for bats and will fit into any garden, woodland, or a house wall site. It is made from solid, high quality, durable timber which provides longevity and excellent insulation. Bats are in need of habitat as many of their roosting places have been lost over recent years. The narrow entrance slot and strong timber help to discourage predators.
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  Log Cabin Butterfly House
Westwood's wooden hanging butterfly house - just hang it up with the handle, sit back, relax and watch the beautiful butterflies. It has a cute and unique design and would make a fantastic gift for all nature enthusiasts. It measures 15 cm width by 16.5 cm height by 15 cm deep.
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  Dormouse Next Box
The dormouse house has been specifically designed to offer a safe and purpose-built day refuge and nesting habitat for the rare dormouse. The box has a rear entrance allowing dormice to climb up the tree trunk and easily enter the nesting chamber. A front hinged door is easily opened to allow inspection of the main chamber by a licensed person.
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  Ceramic Frog And Toad House
The 'Frogitat' provides an attractive and safe retreat for frogs and toads in any garden. Made in ceramic, the Frogitat provides a naturally cool, safe space with an 'overwintering' shelf at the rear and an open front area as a cool 'summer retreat'. Naturally attractive with an earthy green, mottled and part glazed finish, the Frogitat is both functional and a pretty addition to the garden environment. Position the Frogitat in a quiet area which should be cool, shaded and near a pond or damp area.
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  Hedgehog Snack Bowl
A convenient, hygienic and easy clean food 'snack bowl' for hedgehogs and other small mammals. Finished in an attractive green/brown ceramic glazed finish, the snack bowl is made from hi-fired frost resistant ceramic and is complete with an integral drainage hole. Designed to be low to the ground for easy use and to prevent tipping. Useful not only for hedgehogs but for other small mammals and as a small ground feeder for wild birds.
  Insect Hotel
The insect hotel gives insects a place to shelter during the winter and summer months. There are numerous different rooms for the insects to nest in according to their needs and will attract mason bees, ladybirds, butterflies, green lacewings, digger wasps and wild bees.
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