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After the success of Thomas Poulsom’s original project in which his set of three birds built from LEGO was made into an official LEGO set and hit the shelves in January of this year, he has begun a new project; LEGO birds 2.

Many people asked Thomas when other birds would be available to add to their collection so he has chosen three new species to complement the original birds and hopes to garner enough support for LEGO to make them into another set.

The three birds Thomas has chosen for the LEGO birds 2 project are the great spotted woodpecker, the cardinal and the common kingfisher.

We caught up with Thomas to find out more about the new project.

British Bird Lovers: How long have you been building with LEGO?

Thomas Poulsom: I loved playing with LEGO as a kid and started building with my older brothers LEGO when I was 5 until my early teens. I then had a break from it in my late teens to early twenties (they call this a dark age in the LEGO world). I took up building again four years ago and started building birds and other natural creations three years ago.

BBL: What inspired you to create your LEGO birds?

TP: I am a gardener and tree surgeon by trade and I wanted to build something related to my work. The eureka moment for the LEGO Bird project was when a Robin landed on my fork handle whilst taking a break from digging a vegetable patch.

BBL: How do you go about making each bird?

TP: First I look for inspiration from pictures of birds in books and on Flickr. I then print out some pictures and usually start by building the head of the bird. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to get the proportions and colouring right but I try my best to get the essence of the characteristics of each bird. It's really important to me that the birds have character and look as alive as you can make LEGO bricks look.

BBL: How many LEGO birds have you made?

TP: At last count it was 80 but this has increased and will increase as I am addicted to t building them. I don't think I'll ever get to build all 10,000 species but I would like to build a series from each continent around the world as well as a flightless, extinct and endangered series.

BBL: Which is your favourite bird you have created?

TP: I have lots of favourites and it is very hard to pick just one. The most important to me is the Robin as if I hadn't built that then the LEGO Bird project wouldn't exist today. I also love the Snowy Owl which I have also made an Ideas project (you can see Thomas's owl here) and I am particularly fond of the Toucan as that was one of my most challenging creations.

BBL: How did you feel when you finally saw your LEGO birds on sale?

TP:It was an amazing feeling, it’s every LEGO fans dream to have there idea produced as a LEGO set so I feel very lucky.

BBL: How did you pick the three birds for LEGO birds 2?

TP: I wanted to include birds that were not so commonly seen in gardens (like the first three birds) but more in wild woodland. They are all very recognizable and popular birds from around the world so would have a broad appeal.

BBL: Have you voted for Britain’s National Bird? Which bird did you pick?

TP: I have and think it's a great idea. Being a gardener I am very fond of the Robin as I have regular visits from them and it is also the mascot for my Local football team so the Robin got my vote.

BBL: What do you do when you’re not building LEGO sets?

TP: I am a gardener and tree surgeon and enjoy outdoor life, I love to go for walks with the family and love to watch documentaries about nature. I am also a keen photographer and love to take photos of nature.

BBL: What advice would you give to anyone else who is hoping to have their creations made into official LEGO sets?

TP: My first piece of advice would be to have a good original idea. Build the idea to the best of your ability using real bricks and take good quality photos and present it well. Then once you have posted your idea the hard work starts. Share the project wherever you can on social media, try to get endorsement from somebody famous or somebody with a lot of followers. Be persistent and update your project to include more details. It took a huge amount of work for my idea to get to 10,000 supporters but it was very much worth it in the end. It has been an incredible experience.

Thank you so much Thomas for sharing your experience and inspiration behind the project.

Thomas needs to get another 10,000 supporters backing him to have LEGO Birds 2 considered for an official LEGO set. If you would like to support his brilliant birds project then head over to his LEGO Ideas page. It only takes a moment to sign up and register your support.

You can also follow what Thomas is up to over on his Facebook page.

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