A collection of books about birds and bird watching, beautifully written and illustrated by some of the world's leading nature writers.

We also have a range of bird identification books.

Bill Oddie's Little Black Bird Book Bill Oddie's Little Black Bird Book
This scurrilous little volume received rave reviews on first publication and has become a "classic" and a collector's item. Now it is available again in its original form. For any bird-watcher bent on self-examination, or member of a birdwatcher's neglected family, this is still the only book that tells the truth about the obsession that is birding.
Birds In Flight Birds In Flight
A beautiful book about the analysis of avian flight with 150 exquisite close-up photographs of airborne birds, as well as diagrams illustrating the principles of flight and detailed information based on firsthand research.
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Birds Britannica Birds Britannica
Covers cultural links; social history; birds as food; ecology; the lore and language of birds; myths, art, literature and music; anecdotes, birdsong and rare facts; modern developments; migration, the seasons and our sense of place.
Secret Lives Of British Birds Secret Lives Of British Birds
The life of birds may seem ordered and peaceful, but what secrets lurk behind the ceaseless round of singing, swooping, feeding and feuding? Endorsed by the RSPB. Comprises 12 chapters arranged by habitat - including estuaries, moorland, urban landscapes and coasts. Includes original pictures by artist Peter Partington.
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100 Birds To See Before You Die 100 Birds To See Before You Die
A must-have book for anyone interested in birds, with entries on 100 of the most incredible avian species across the world, illustrated with stunning photographs of each. Entries describe the natural history and significance of the featured species, with summary information including size (and wingspan, where applicable); distribution; habitat; classification; population & conservation status; and the reason for inclusion.
Extreme Birds Extreme Birds
A beautiful and fascinating portrait of the world's most extreme birds, from the biggest and fastest, to the smelliest and smartest. Birds are among the most popular and fascinating of all living things. They amaze us with their variety, stun us with their beauty, and intrigue us with their ingenuity. Packed with astonishing facts and absorbing detail, this lavishly illustrated book brings together the extremes of the bird world, including the fastest flyer, the deepest diver, the craftiest builder and the funniest forager.
The Life Of Birds The Life Of Birds
David Attenborough's book to accompany the popular television series presents the results from extensive research into bird behaviour including their strategies for finding food, their complex social systems, and their ingenious and sometimes bizarre ways of mating and breeding.
The Running Sky The Running Sky
The Running Sky: A Bird-watching Life by Tim Dee chronicles four decades of a birdwatcher charting his observations and encounters. The book begins in the summer with clouds of breeding seabirds in Shetland and ends with crepuscular nightjars like giant moths in the heart of England.
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Say Goodbye To The Cuckoo Say Goodbye To The Cuckoo
Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo by Michael McCarthy is a moving call to arms by an impassioned expert: get outside, teach your children about these birds, don't let them disappear from our shores and hearts. It is one of the enduring wonders of the natural world. Each bird faces the most daunting of journeys - navigating epic distances, dependent on bodily fuel reserves. Yet none can refuse. Since pterodactyls flew, twice-yearly odysseys have been the lot of migrant birds.
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