Protect your ground feeding garden birds from predators with this clever ground sanctuary.

Ground Feeder Sanctuary

The ingenious design of the ground sanctuary means you can adjust the size of the mesh to let small or medium birds in and larger birds and squirrels out.

The ground sanctuary will protect all ground feeders and all tube feeders up to 50 cm long. It has a large opening door making it convenient for filling and cleaning.

It is simple to assemble and secured into the ground with 4 removable stakes which means it can be moved without disassembly.

The ground sanctuary is 53 cm high and is 49 cm x 48 cm across.


48mm mesh gap. No cats or pigeons.
40mm mesh gap. No starlings.
34mm mesh gap. No normal size grey squirrels.
29mm mesh gap. No small grey squirrels.

25mm - Coal Tit/Blue Tit/Marsh Tit
28mm - Robin/Wren/Great Tit/Goldfinch/Pied Flycatcher/Dunnock/Tree Sparrow
30mm - Young Grey Squirrel (mainly April - September) can get through
32mm - House Sparrow/Nuthatch/Chaffinch/Redstart

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