If you're looking for a unique gift for a bird loving friend or family member, then Etsy is the destination for you. In a friendly online marketplace, you'll discover handcrafted items and vintage goods you won't find anywhere else.

Etsy has a fantastic selection of bird care products including bird houses, feeders and tables that have been lovingly made or curated but their community of creative entrepreneurs - we have picked some of our favourites below.

Christmas Pudding Bird Food Christmas Pudding Bird Food
These lovely Christmas puddings are made from a mixture of premium bird seed, luxurious dried fruits and niger seed, topped with a leaf decoration and will provide a high energy treat for your garden birds over the winter months.
Apple Bird Feeder Wooden Apple Bird Feeder
Attract a variety of birds to your garden with this handmade wooden bird feeder. The bird feeder is made from oak and has an apple cut-out design with a stainless steel spike on which a piece of fruit, toast or fat ball can be placed for your garden birds to enjoy.
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Funky Bird House Funky Bird House
These colourful bird houses will brighten up the dullest of places in your garden, offering a safe, warm and stylish place for our wild birds to roost and nest. The bird houses are finished with waterproof paint so they'll keep their colour for years to come.
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Teacup Bird Feeder Teacup Bird Feeder
A pretty vintage teacup and sauce has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind bird feeder. The feeder would make an attractive feeder in any garden. It measures approximately 11 cm high and 14 cm wide and can simply be hung from the branch of a tree by its handle.
Mosaic Bird Bath Mosaic Bird Bath
Inspired by the colours of heather moorland, the mosaic ripples in this bird bath design include purples, greens, blues and greys. It is shallow enough for small birds and there is a stack of pebbles for them to perch on.
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Bird Stickers Bird Window Stickers
Handmade from self-adhesive vinyl, these decals will help prevent birds flying into windows which can cause them serious injury. Each pack contains 8 stickers in different designs in a choice of blue or white.
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Cat Bird Bath Stone Cat Bird Bath
This somewhat ironic bird bath features a surprised looking cat lying on his back so he can watch while birds drink and bathe from the middle of his stomach. The quirky bird bath is handmade from stone cast and finished with an aged look.
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Bird Food Storage Personalised Bird Food Storage
Keep your bird food fresh and dry in this personalised bird food storage tin. It comes with a metal scoop that hangs on the side of the tin and can be finished in a range of colours with wording of your choice. The tin is made from powder coated steel and has a stainless steel loop handle.
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Bird Feeder Bird Feeder
This wooden bird feeder has a slatted roof to keep your garden birds' food dry. It is finished with Ronseal Woodland Shades for added protection and has a sweet bird decoration. The bird table can be hung or freestanding and all fittings are included.
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Copper Bird Feeder Copper Leaf Bird Feeder
This set of three copper hostas would make a lovely bird feeder or bird bath. Stack them one above the other, and when it rains you will see the water trickle slowly from leaf to leaf.
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Bird Food Wreath Bird Food Wreath
An outdoor wreath made entirely from wild bird food, the perfect hanging bird feeder gift! Attracts a wide variety of garden birds. Large enough for starlings and blackbirds to perch upon.
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Apple Core Bird Feeder Apple Core Bird Feeder
A uniquely designed and hand-crafted turned bird feeder. The bird feeder is made from oak and the bottom half acts as a deep seed trough, and the slightly larger top as a shelter, to help keep the weather out and seed dry.
£36.00 BUY NOW MORE INFO ...

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