These pretty mugs from Emma Bridgewater's Birds Series will look good in any kitchen. Made from finest pottery, the mugs each hold half a pint and measure 9cm high x 8.5cm wide, excluding handle.

There are a variety of designs to collect with new birds added throughout the year. The birds were painted by Matthew Rice, Emma's husband, and his passion for birdlife shows through in the beautiful detail of each bird.

All the mugs are handmade in Emma Bridgewater's factory in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Emma Bridgewater Greylag Goose Mug Greylag Goose Mug
Goosey goosey gander, please wander over to the dresser and take pride of place with your swanky air and cheeky ways!
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Emma Bridgewater Grey Partridge Mug Grey Partridge Mug
With its distinctive plume of striped feathers, bring the feel of the British countryside to your kitchen table with this partridge mug.
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Emma Bridgewater Barnacle Goose Mug Barnacle Goose Mug
This fine bird looks right at home on this smart mug and will look right at home on your coffee table too.
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Emma Bridgewater Pheasant Mug Pheasant Mug
The pheasant shows off his brilliant plumage in a beautifully detailed drawing by Matthew - a delightful addition to the very collectible Birds range.
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Emma Bridgewater Barn Owl Mug Barn Owl Mug
A lovely mug featuring barn owls would make a great gift for any bird lover.
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Emma Bridgewater Tawny Owl Mug Tawny Owl Mug
Wise owls adorn this pretty ceramic mug.
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Emma Bridgewater Robin Mug Robin Mug
For keen gardeners, this Robin mug is just the thing for a quick cuppa in between a spot of weeding or mowing.
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Emma Bridgewater Snowy Owl Mug Snowy Owl Mug
Steaming mulled wine after a bracing winter stroll tastes rather special from this Snowy Owl mug.
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Emma Bridgewater Red Grouse Mug Red Grouse Mug
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Emma Bridgewater Starling Mug Starling Mug
Noisy and gregarious, Starlings strut around as though they own the garden, and Matthew’s illustration perfectly captures their king-of-the-castle stance.
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Emma Bridgewater Kingfisher Mug Kingfisher
The flash of shimmering turquoise that signals a kingfisher on the wing is one of the most thrilling sights in the British countryside – but as a close-up look is rare, this beautifully illustrated mug is the next best thing.
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  Great Bustard Mug
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  Nightingale Mug
Nightingales are named so because they frequently sing at night as well as during the day and have been named so for over 1000 years, what better bird to grace one of our mugs.
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