First Cuckoo 2013

First Cuckoo Poolbrook 2013

Hilary wrote to tell us she heard a cuckoo this morning in the woods by Poolbrook, Malvern, Worcs.

She said it sounded "loud and clear and very persistent".

First Cuckoo Ashdown Forest 2013

Sue heard her first cuckoo of 2013 in Ashdown Forest, East Sussex yesterday afternoon.

"When I was a kid it was always something my father and I would listen out for and we always knew spring was on its way once we'd heard the cuckoo. I still listen out for them but in recent years I've not heard them so much so it was a real joy to hear one this year. It's been such a long winter I hope it really does mean spring is here at last," she wrote.

First Cuckoo Clynder 2013

Stuart wrote to tell us that a cuckoo has arrived in Clynder, Argyle and Bute and has been calling regularly this afternoon.

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