Compact System Cameras

Compact system cameras are small enough to fit in your pocket yet deliver still and video images that are on a par with a professional digital SLR (DSLR).

These high performance cameras are ideal for taking out bird watching as they deliver brilliant picture quality but are portable so won’t take up much room in your kit.

The technology in compact system cameras has been made possible by removing the SLR mirror box mechanism to bring the camera sensor and interchangeable lens closer together which means that compact cameras have the equivalent reach of a physically longer lens.

Compact system cameras also tend to be simpler to use which means you can start taking professional looking pictures of birds even if you are a novice photographer.

With a lightweight build you’ve no excuse for taking a compact system camera with you every time you go bird watching so you’ll get amazing pictures you might otherwise have missed.

Below is a range of compact system cameras from leading brands including Bushnell, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic available to buy online and many come with free delivery.

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