Christmas Robin

What would Christmas be without robins? Here you'll find Christmas gifts, cards and wrapping paper featuring not only robins but other British garden birds. Discover more about the numerous birds associated with Christmas and instead of spending Christmas afternoon slumped in front of the telly why not try our Christmas quiz?

Plus don't forget to feed the birds in your garden at Christmas. During the cold winter months is the time when they most need the food you provide and we've got plenty of advice to make sure they get all the energy they need.

The 12 Birds Of Christmas

... and a partridge in a pear tree. The Twelve Days Of Christmas is an English Christmas carol, originally published in about 1780.

12 Birds Of Christmas
Find out about the meaning behind the birds featured in this popular carol. Read more ...

Gallery of the twelve birds of Christmas including a colly bird, a maid-a-milking, a lord-a-leaping and five gold rings. View now ...

Visit Our Christmas Gift Shop!

Christmas Gift Shop

You'll find a great range of Christmas presents, decorations, cards and wrapping paper as well as some novelty birdy Christmas jumpers. Visit our Christmas gift shop ...
5 Robins

The Robin - Britain's Favourite Bird
Find out about the robin redbreast including why it is so closely associated with Christmas and its breeding and feeding habits.
Read more ...

Robin Redbreast
The Legend Of Robin Redbreast
The Legend Of Robin Redbreast tells the story of how the robin got his red breast after burning himself on a fire keep the baby Jesus warm.
Read more ...

Robin Singing Soft Toy
Robin Singing Soft Toy
A gorgeous robin singing soft toy that would make a lovely Christmas stocking filler for children. 100% of the profits go to the RSPB.
Read more ...

Robin Watering Can
Christmas Robin Gifts
A selection of Christmas gifts featuring robins - Britain's favourite bird. Bird loving friends and family will be delighted with these perfect presents.
Read more ...

Rockin Robin
Rockin' Robins
Robins come in all shapes and sizes (but just one colourway) and you can see them all in our gallery of our favourite Christmas birds
Read more ...

Feed The Birds (Do They Know It's Christmas Time)

Feeding Birds At Christmas

Feeding Birds At Christmas

Use up your Christmas dinner leftovers and provide a feast for your garden birds. They'll love Christmas cake and mince pies too! Read more ...
Christmas Tree For Birds

A Christmas Tree For Birds

Children will enjoy decorating a Christmas tree for birds with strings of popcorn, nuts, dried fruit and homemade pine cone feeders. Read more ...

Christmas Birds Quiz

Christmas Owl

Fun for all the family. Give your brain cells a workout and tackle our Christmas quiz. You'll find the answers too if you get stuck. Try it now ...

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