A polar expedition cruise offers a truly unique bird watching experience and a once in a lifetime holiday.

Gentoo Penguins, Antarctic

Enjoy the spectacular scenery and explore the nature and wildlife of some of the worlds most stunning and pristine shorelines, both above and below the oceans, at sea and on land, with Oceanwide Expeditions, one of the pioneers in ship-based exploratory tourism.

Bird watching cruises are available to the Arctic and North Atlantic, as well as the Antarctic and Sub-Atlantic Islands and offer the opportunity to see birds you can’t reach any other way as well as scores of migratory birds you may be more familiar with.

Travelling north to Greenland you will find a wide variety of gulls, ducks, sandpipers and birds of prey. Svalbard and Franz Josef Land offers the opportunity to see geese, wigeon and guillemots.

In Antarctica you will be able to spot penguins, petrels and skuas, while the Falkland Islands are home to albatrosses, birds of prey and shearwaters. The birds of South Georgia include pintails, shags and skuas and Ascension Island houses boobies, terns and the Ascension frigatebird.

Many of the staff on the polar expedition cruises are ornithologists or keen birders who will be able to help you and point out different species and on-board lectures will help you gain knowledge of local birdlife.

About Oceanwide Expeditions:

Oceanwide Expeditions own, manage and operate manage and operate five vessels: m/v Plancius (116 pax), m/v Ortelius (116 pax), s/v Rembrandt van Rijn (33 pax) and s/v Noorderlicht (20 pax).

The vessels comply with highest international safety standards and allow Oceanwide Expeditions's professional crew to navigate safely through pack-ice and remote narrow waterways.

The size, capacity and capability of their small ships have proven to be a successful formula for exploring the remote regions for many years. The vessels offer a comfortable, friendly, intimate and informal atmosphere.

Oceanwide is passionate about polar expedition cruising and distinguishes itself from other operators not only by setting its emphasis on educational lectures by experienced guides throughout the voyage but also by delivering an active shore program.

All voyages have been carefully prepared and developed (routing, regulations, provisioning, crewing, excursions etc.) and are empathic to the natural conditions of the areas concerned and therefore unique in their design.

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