European habitats and scenery are rich and varied and against this beautiful back drop you will be able to see a variety of birds and wildlife.

Dalmatian Pelicans
Dalmatian Pelicans in Hungary

In Eastern Europe traditional lifestyles and agriculture survive and it is fast emerging as an important eco-destination. Amongst backwater islands and isolated peasant villages you can observe birds of prey, warblers, swallows, nightingales and woodpeckers while in coastal areas are spoonbills, ibises, herons and ducks.

On a tour in Spain you can see thousands of migratory raptors as they fly to and from Africa including griffons, vultures, kites and eagles. Wetlands are home to storks, herons and flamingos while egrets, larks, sandipers and owls live in the many cotton, maize and sunflower fields.

Take advantage on a European bird watching holiday to immerse yourself in the local culture and sample traditional foods and customs.

While you're away take some time to visit a local bird park or sanctuary where you can get up close to more exotic birds. Many bird parks are also involved in conservation programmes so you know your admission fee is being put to good use.
We have selected a fantastic range of European destinations that are ideal for a bird watching break. Alternatively, you can search Expedia's full range of holiday destinations to find the perfect bird watching holiday for you:

Kuril Islands Bird Watching Cruise Kuril Islands
Russia’s Far East is one of the more dramatic places on earth to observe the Pacific Ring of Fire which manifests itself at numerous points along the Kuril Islands. Laysan albatross, mottled petrel, fork-tailed storm-petrel, red-faced cormorant, red-legged kittiwake and Aleutian tern are other seabirds are regularly encountered. Those keen on cetaceans should expect to see blue, fin, sperm, humpback and grey whales, orca (killer whales), Baird’s beaked-whale and Dall’s porpoise.
Bird Watching Holiday In France Bird Watching Holidays In France
Plenty of bird watching is available at the Auberge in the adjacent woods and meadows and by the lake and stream. It is also worthwhile to drive to the Marais Poitevin and the Baie d’Aiguillon which are home to different species from those in the immediate vicinity. The blend of brilliant bird watching, plenty of other things to do, exceptional hospitality and a reasonable price make France a great destination for bird watching.
Bird Watching Holiday In Andalucia Bird Watching Holiday In Andalucia
A place where continents, seas and landscapes merge. Natural diversity and one of the most important stopover, breeding and wintering grounds for millions of birds. We will be focused on bird watching, visiting the famous natural areas of Doñana, Ria Formosa and the Odiel Marslands, a paradise for ornithologists from all over the world. The natural landscape of the Odiel, Isla Cristina and Ayamonte marshes will give us the chance to visit tidal marshlands and its fauna.
Mull & Speyside Wildlife Holiday Mull & Speyside Wildlife Holiday
The Isle of Mull is a favourite place to go bird watching where magnificent birds choose to overwinter including great Northern divers and Slavonian grebe. See some of Britain’s very best and striking wildlife, including eagles and other raptors, otters and take a boat trip for “up close and personal” views of puffins and seabirds.
Bird Watching In Hungary Bird Watching In Hungary
Situated on the southern slopes of the Bukk National Park in Eastern Hungary, Eger is ideally placed to see Hungary's spectacular bird life. The large and extensive oak, beech and Hornbeam forests are home to eight species of woodpecker and four species of eagle. In addition the more scrubby areas are alive with the song of nightingales.
Bulgaria Bird Watching Holiday Bulgaria Bird Watching Holidays
Beautiful landscape and fantastic birds – a holiday in Bulgaria takes you to the most amazing places, from the Eastern Rhodope Mountains to the Black Sea Coast, with steppes and wetlands in between. See pelicans, pygmy cormorant, glossy ibis, ruddy shelduck, imperial eagle, long-legged buzzard, levant sparrow hawk and many other species.
Northumberland Bird Watching Holiday Northumberland Bird Watching Holiday
A bird watching holiday on the beautiful and wild Northumberland coast will take you in search of seaducks, scarce grebes, divers, shorebirds and geese - spend a day on Holy Island plus a day inland looking for crossbills, red grouse and raptors. You may even get the chance to spot something rare if the winds are right!
Extremadura, Spain Bird Watching Holiday Extremadura, Spain Bird Watching Holiday
Bird watching in a part of real Spain as it’s been for centuries - a must-see place. We stay in a beautiful,locally owned rural finca hotel with hearty meals using local produce and local wines are available. Birds seen from the finca include Azure-winged Magpie, White Stork, Red Kite, Red-rumped Swallow, Serin, Hoopoe, Sardinian Warbler, Cirl and Corn Bunting, Woodchat and Southern Grey Shrike . . . and even Scops Owl.
Oland, Sweden Bird Watching Holiday Oland, Sweden Bird Watching Holiday
Autumn migration at its very best: masses of cranes, geese and eiders, bewildering numbers of robins and goldcrests, and a chance of Eastern and Arctic rarities. Stay near the famous bird observatory at Ottenby, which is surrounded by unspoilt countryside where wooden windmills and burial mounds dot the charming open landscape. In the autumn the red and yellow timber houses are decorated with orange pumpkins and the migrating birds are overwhelming!
Wildlife Holiday Spain, Sierra de Andujar Wildlife Holiday Spain, Sierra de Andujar
Andujar Natural Park holds Spain's most thriving population of Lynx, the worlds most endangered cat and yet is one of its best kept secrets. Birds of prey are a common sight including imperial and golden eagles, griffon vultures, buzzards and owls, many of which breed here. Other inhabitants of the watercourses are chiffchaffs, warblers, golden orioles, nightingales, grey and purple herons, little grebes, coots and mallard.
Ebro Delta Bird Watching Holiday Ebro Delta Bird Watching Holiday
Escape from the British winter weather for some spectacular birding in the wetlands, mountains and steppes of Catalonia. The vast area is home to thousands of wintering wetland birds including glossy ibis, great white egret, greater flamingo, moustached warbler, bluethroat, kingfishers and penduline tits. Visit the mountains for Spanish ibex, griffon vulture and the agricultural steppes for little Bustard, pin-tailed sandgrouse and larks
Spanish Pyrenees Bird Watching Holiday Spanish Pyrenees Bird Watching Holiday
We stay in the Hotel Usón, an alpine-style hotel in a magnificent location. It is a simple but delightfully furnished rural hotel set on its own with spectacular mountain views and good birding all around. It is located 7 km from Hecho in the Natural Park of the Valles Occidentales del Pirineo Aragonés. The hotel is surrounded by mountains and forests at an altitude of 1,000 metres and is next to the River Aragon Subordan. The hotel has its own spring which provides their water supply. There is a small bar and a lovely glazed veranda with library.
Scotland Wildlife Holiday Scotland Wildlife Holiday
Stay in the heart of Cairngorms National Park to see some amazing wildlife including Scotland's Big 5 - golden eagle, red squirrel, otter, red deer and harbour seal. Guided wildlife and bird watching tours and walks are available where you could spot crested tits, parrot crossbills, capercaillie and ptarmigan.
Greece Bird Watching Holiday Greece Bird Watching Holiday
Discover the unique birds of the Cyclades Islands such as the Eleonora’s falcon, Audouin’s gull, Mediterranean shag, Cory’s shearwater and the yelkouan shearwater while sailing from island to island. It's possible to participate in scientific research while on board sailing yachts contributing to the conservation of those birds and their habitats in collaboration with the scientists from the Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS). Visit authentic Greek Islands that have preserved their local heritage, traditional cuisine and the genuine welcome offered by its people.

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