Australasia comprises Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and and other Pacific Islands and is home to a fascinating array of birdlife including many endangered species. You will also find many flightless birds on the islands, such as cassowaries, emus and kiwis, that lost their ability to fly due to the lack of predators and competitors.

Blue-Faced Honeyeater
Blue-faced honeyeater

A bird watching holiday to Australasia gives you the opportunity see exotic birds of paradise, colourful parrots, kingfishers and finches, the smallest species of penguin in the world and the iconic kookaburra, all with a backdrop of beautiful and unspoilt scenery.

As well observing the wonderful birdlife, take time to immerse yourself in the life, culture and dreamtime legends of indigenous peoples, their rock art and spiritual sites for a rich and rewarding holiday.
To complete your bird watching holiday, before you go book a trip to a bird sanctuary, park or attraction where you can get up close to birds in their natural habitats and have an experienced local guide point out some of the must-see species. Many bird parks are also involved in conservation programmes so you know your admission fee is being put to good use. Making your own arrangements can often work out cheaper than booking an organised bird watching holiday. Find out more about organising your own tailor-made bird watching holiday.
We have selected a fantastic range of Australasia destinations that are ideal for a bird watching break. Alternatively, you can search Expedia's full range of holiday destinations to find the perfect bird watching holiday for you:

Bird Watching Holiday In New Zealand
A holiday in New Zealand covers all bird habitats - alpine, sub-alpine, montane and lowland forest, wetlands and sandspit. Conservation guides can take you into areas such as Kahurangi National Park where you are most likely to see rare and endangered species. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In The Solomon Islands
The Solomon Islands are a tropical paradise that offer an amazing opportunity to explore some of the world’s most beautiful unspoilt landscapes. There is an impressive range of endemic bird species with around 200 species occurring nowhere else in the world as well as coral reefs full of marine life. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Christmas Island
The tropical island's rainforests and limestone cliffs are populated with seabirds and wanderers and the elaborate displays of many endemic species are similar to their Indonesian cousins. Christmas Island is also home to the annual migration of millions of red crabs, which attracts huge numbers of hungry birds. With no natural predators, the birds of Christmas Island are surprising tame and will happily perch on people's shoulders or feed from the hand. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In The Northern Territory
Wetlands, billabongs and rainforests in Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve offer a diverse range of species including Australia's only stork, the jabiru. Kakadu National Park is a protected area, home to more than 280 species of birds, or about one-third of Australia's bird species. If your trip includes a visit to Uluru please respect the local customs and cultural values. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Fiji
The sun-bleached beaches and lush forests of the Fijian Islands are full of spectacular birds including warblers, flycatchers, honeyeaters, doves, lorikeets and parrot finches. You may even be lucky enough to spot the elusive kagu, which until the mid 80s was critically endangered but due to conservation efforts has made a remarkable comeback. Fiji also offers a fascinating culture and wonderful food. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In New Caledonia
A remote island full of critically endangered birds is a birders perfect holiday destination. The island has a range of habitats from subtropical forest to rugged mountains and lowland savannahs and is home to a number of endemic species including the white-bellied goshawk, New Caledonian rail, horned parakeet, and yellow-bellied robin. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is one of the most fascinating destinations for birding in the world. In virtually untouched montane forests you’ll discover doves, parrots, fairywrens, bowerbirds and more than 20 species of birds-of-paradise. Travel through the islands diverse habitats including rivers and grasslands for a bird watching holiday like no other. Read more ...

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