Asia extends from the tropics to the Arctic and includes the world's highest mountain ranges. This great diversity of climates and habitats is reflected in a great diversity of birds, with about 2,700 species occurring in the region.

Brahminy Starling
Brahminy Starling In Bharatpur

Observe cranes, kingfishers, comorants, ibis, egret, heron, partridge, river tern, stone plougher and snake birds - you might even spot a crocodile or two basking in the sun!

Winters in Asia (October to March), are particularly attractive to visitors because of the large number of migratory birds that are present at the time.
To complete your bird watching holiday, before you go book a trip to a bird sanctuary, park or attraction where you can get up close to birds in their natural habitats and have an experienced local guide point out some of the must-see species. Many bird parks are also involved in conservation programmes so you know your admission fee is being put to good use. Making your own arrangements can often work out cheaper than booking an organised bird watching holiday. Find out more about organising your own tailor-made bird watching holiday.
We have selected a fantastic range of Asian destinations that are ideal for a bird watching break. Alternatively, you can search Expedia's full range of holiday destinations to tailor-make the perfect bird watching holiday for you:

Bird Watching Holiday In Kerala
Tropical rain forests are primary centres of species richness and endemism within the Western Ghats in India. There are more than 450 known bird species found at this hotspot, of which 24 are endemic, mostly found in the lowland rainforests and high altitude montane forests of the Western Ghats which are also considered as an Endemic Bird Area by BirdLife International. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Sri Lanka
For a small island Sri Lanka has a rich bird fauna and many passionate bird lovers rank Sri Lanka among their favourite destinations. 426 bird species have been seen on the Island of which 33 of these are endemic to Sri Lanka - a fabulous birding holiday awaits! This birding paradise boasts a variety of environments including wet to dry zones, jungles, hill country, lowlands and tropical rain forests where a stunning list of endemic, resident and migratory birds can be found. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Bharatpur
A holiday to Bharatpur will take you to the best birding sites in the upper reaches of Central India. Bharatpur is a world renowned wetland for birds where you will encounter more than 200 species including Gangetic specialties such as the white-tailed stonechat & striated babbler, along with the chance to see up to 9 species of eagle, plus a superb variety of forest species, passerines and migrants. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Jordan
The ancient “lost city” of Petra is a “must see” destination, but it’s in the less visited wilderness areas that you can find so much more of what this country has to offer. Hume’s owl, Syrian serin, Sinai rosefinch are all possible. Stand by the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth and see the amazing ‘sky blue’ Sinai agama at Little Petra and seabirds, migrants and wetlands by the Red Sea. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Bhutan
Birdwatching is one of Bhutan's star attractions, and if you like to indulge your birdwatching habit while exploring new and beautiful parts of the world, then Bhutan really should be high on your list of places to visit. With a unique and rich Buddhist culture, spectacular Himalayan scenery, and one of the most diverse and rich ranges of birdlife on the planet, a birdwatching holiday in Bhutan is a really special experience. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Indonesia
A holiday to this part of the world provide you with some of the best bird watching to be had in Sulawesi, Indonesia an area that boasts one of the largest endemic bird populations on earth with the main island of Sulawesi being home to no less than 12 endemic genera and over 40 endemic species. A further 56 species are endemic to the Sulawesi sub-region which covers the neighbouring islands of Sula and Banggai. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Cambodia
Cambodia is one of south-east Asia’s finest birding destinations. Visit the Prek Toal water-bird colony or visit Ang Trapeng Thmor for a large population of winter cranes. A boat trip on the Mekong River will give the opportunity to see many wetland and water-edge species and look out for the endemic Cambodian Laughingthrush at Aural Mountain. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In China
China is home to some of Asia’s rarest bird species. In the Sichuan Province you’ll find beautiful scenery including snow-peaked mountains covered with forests and a rich variety of birdlife including pheasants, tragopans, parottbills, woodpeckers, tits and warblers. The Minjiang Estuary and Emei Feng are also worth a visit. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Thailand
Famed for its beaches and friendly people, Thailand also offers many opportunities to spot birds. There are some important reserves including Kaeng Krachan, Khao Yai and Doi Lang as well as jungles and rainforests, hosting a rich assortment of birds including bee-eaters, leafbills, laughingthrushes and many more. While in Thailand you’ll also be able to sample some amazing food and visit cultural attractions including pagodas and temples. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Vietnam
Vietnam is growing in popularity as a birding destination with many unique habitats including dry woodlands, grasslands and lush montane and tropical forests. There are plenty of rarities to keep an eye out for including the grey-crowned crocias, which was thought to have been extinct for over 50 years, plus nuthatches, shrikes, orioles, finches and orioles. Read more ...

Bird Watching Holiday In Russia
Russia has some unforgiving landscapes and wilderness. Chukotka is a vast area with spectacular scenery, traditional villages and abandoned research stations and the opportunity to spot 100s of species of birds including cormorants, cranes, auklets, gulls and ducks. You’ll also be able to take part in seal and whale watching to enhance your trip. Read more ...

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