Africa is made up of many beautiful habitats including wetlands, rainforests, lagoons, saltpans, savannahs and woodlands and on a bird watching holiday in Africa you will be guaranteed to view the myriad species of birds that live in these habitats. Observe flamingos, pelicans, eagles, buzzards, parrots, cranes, raptors, ostriches and many more against a backdrop of stunning scenery.

Blue-Breasted Kingfisher
Blue-Breasted Kingfisher

If you are interested in other wildlife then why not combine an African bird watching holiday with a safari and take the opportunity to see some of Africa’s other amazing creatures such as lions, rhinos, giraffes, zebra, elephants and hippos close up.

While you're away take some time to visit a local bird park or sanctuary where you can get up close to more exotic birds. Many bird parks are also involved in conservation programmes so you know your admission fee is being put to good use.
We have selected a fantastic range of African destinations that are ideal for a bird watching break. Alternatively, you can search Expedia's full range of holiday destinations to find the perfect bird watching holiday for you:

Gambia Bird Watching Tour Gambia Bird Watching Tour
Stay in one of the world’s best bird watching environments where are 576 known species of bird - come and see how many you can identify. Just in your hotel grounds you're likely to spot blue breasted kingfishers, wattled plovers and wood hoopoes. The best season to visit The Gambia is October to May.
Ethiopian Bird Watching Holiday Ethiopian Bird Watching Holiday In Bale Mountains
No other aspect of Ethiopia’s biology typifies its unique situation more than its prolific and numerous bird fauna. Visit the Bale Mountains and find yourself spoiled for choice with over 830 recorded species and 23 species found nowhere else in the world. Of the ten bird families endemic to the African mainland, eight are represented in Ethiopia.
Rwanda & Uganda Bird Watching Rwanda & Uganda Bird Watching
After the tragedies of its recent past, Rwanda is firmly back on the birding map and is often referred to as the land of a thousand hills. The magnificent Nyungwe Forest offers the finest birding in the Albertine Rift and has more rift endemics, and most are far more common, than in neighbouring Uganda where the focus is on lowland forest specialities, in particular the spectacular green-breasted pitta in Kibale and one of the most epic of all African birds, the incredible shoebill.
Raptors In Swaziland Raptors In Swaziland
Raptors, which include eagles, hawks and vultures, are large predatory birds that have witnessed major population declines across much of Africa. This project aims to contribute to the conservation ecology of these birds in Swaziland and you can take part in activities include searching for nests, monitoring nesting success, tagging chicks, and capturing and tagging adults. Much of the current focus is on vultures and Marabou storks which, due to their particular lifestyle, are considered "honorary" raptors.
Seychelles Holiday, Bird Island & Praslin Seychelles Holiday, Bird Island & Praslin
Bird Island offers a private island, Robinson Crusoe experience without the luxury resort experience and prices that usually goes with it. A nature lover’s paradise, the birdlife is spectacular here with large numbers of lesser and brown noddies, fairy terns and waders. You will also see giant tortoises, including Esmeralda, the largest in the world, and the hawksbill turtles that lay their eggs on the shore.
Bird Watching In Botswana Bird Watching In Botswana
The varied habitats of Botswana are ideal for a high diversity of wildlife and bird species with large concentrations of endangered wattled cranes, slaty egrets and lesser jacanas. Take part in a Migration Route and experience a nostalgic camping safari through private nature areas off the beaten path that recreates a sense of wildlife viewing adventure reminiscent of the times of the early African explorers.

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