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Tropical BirdingTropical Birding is an international tour operator specializing in birding, nature, and nature photography tours run over 100 tours per year.

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Let’s face it, you can’t have a great trip without a great guide. Our guides are full-time professional tour leaders; they are passionate about their work and take great pleasure in not only sharing their knowledge, but also making sure you get as much joy out of the tour as possible. They all understand that the trip is about seeing wildlife and having a great time, not to prove how great they are to others. The egos are left elsewhere but the varied personalities and backgrounds combine to form a guiding culture that is as at home virtually anywhere. Our guides can all work in a variety of countries and most are able to lead on two, three, or even more continents.

Even when not guiding, they are often in the field, chasing down birds and other animals they want to see, taking photos, writing field guides, searching out new locations we can run trips to, or just enjoying nature. They live all over the world; we have guides based not just in North America, but also the UK, Ecuador, Taiwan, South Africa, Madagascar, and Australia.


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