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Rockjumper Birding Tours proudly offers quality birding adventures around the world, expertly guided by passionate and experienced professional tour leaders.

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Rockjumper tours are designed for birders and nature enthusiasts, and the pace and emphasis varies from tour to tour. Some are designed to maximize the bird species seen, while others are more about pace and amplifying a particular experience. For example, tours like Cape Wildflowers or South Africa Birding, Wine & Big Game, are about saturating ourselves in what South Africa is all about. While our Colombia 1000 Birds Mega trip is about trying to see as many birds as possible in an exceptionally bird-rich country.

Nestled between these ends of the tour spectrum rest the balance of our tours, designed to maximize the birding experience without feeling rushed. And we make a point to include salient highlights in each region, be it the Taj Mahal and Tigers of India, Jaguars and Giant Otters in Brazil, or the Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt.


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