Birdfinders is one of Britain's most successful birdwatching holiday companies, run by birders for birders offering exceptional value birdwatching holidays to locations around the world.

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About Birdfinders Birdwatching Holidays

The ethos of Birdfinders is to provide good value worldwide tours concentrating on seeing all the endemic and speciality birds of a country or part of a country. To achieve this we either use top UK or local guides. All of the tours are meticulously planned to ensure that the participants see all the endemic and speciality birds and in this respect we do target species rather than just going out in the field and hoping to see birds. Generally, if you target speciality birds then the common ones are seen during the process so we usually achieve very high species counts on our tours and presently hold the record for numbers of species seen on many of our tours.

Most of our leaders use the latest equipment to ensure that participants see the birds and in this respect, we do use bird call/song playback in a responsible way to avoid causing distress to the birds. Generally speaking using playback responsibly causes far less disturbance to birds than aimlessly crashing through bushes! At present, we have a database of over 26,000 recordings of over 9,000 species representing some 90% of the known species in the world so you can be assured that your leaders will be in a position to show you the birds. We also use the latest Olympus LS-11 Linear PCM Recorder to make recordings in the field as well as Sennheiser microphones.


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