Inspired by the National Trust's list of 50 things to do before you're 11¾, we've compiled a list of 50 things to do if you're a budding bird watcher. Whether you're getting interested in the birds in your garden or have already started going bird watching with mum or dad, these wild ideas will help you get closer to nature and find out more about the birds that live all around us.

Print of the chart and cross of the activities as you complete them. Remember, you'll need to get help from a grown-up for some of the activities so don't start any of them without asking first.

Click the image to download the chart:

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1. Paint a bird house
2. Feed the ducks at your local pond
3. Get up early enough to hear the dawn chorus
4. Grow a wildflower meadow
5. Make a fat feeder
6. Go owling
7. Fill up a bird feeder
8. Salute a magpie
9. Learn the scientific names of 10 birds
10. Go on a bird watching cruise
11. Take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch
12. Turn out the lights
13. Decorate a Christmas tree for the birds
14. Set up a nest box camera
15. Learn to use binoculars
16. Tell the difference between a goldcrest and a firecrest
17. Clean out a nest box
18. Learn 10 collective nouns for birds
19. Take photographs of 5 different birds
20. Breed some mealworms
21. Go bird watching in your local park
22. Put out some kitchen scraps for birds
23. Learn to use a compass
24. Watch birds from inside a hide
25. Visit a bird sanctuary
26. Take part in the RSPB’s Big Wild Sleepout
27. Learn to identify 5 birds by sound
28. Go bird watching in some woods
29. Read a book about birds
30. Grow a sunflower
31. Feed a bird from your hand
32. Put out some nesting material
33. Draw a bird
34. Fill up a bird bath
35. Thread some peanuts on a string
36. Go bird watching at the beach
37. Look through a spotting scope
38. Experience falconry first hand
39. Start a bird journal or blog
40. Map the routes of 5 bird migrations
41. Listen out for a cuckoo
42. Paint a rock to look like a bird
43. Watch a starling murmuration
44. Spot a bird abroad
45. Clean a bird feeder
46. Pack a bird watching field bag
47. Play bird bingo
48. Collect 10 different feathers
49. Bake some birds nest cupcakes
50. Look for a baby pigeon

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