Observing birds in your garden is one of the best ways to learn to identify birds. You don't need much equipment for bird watching in your back garden but these ten items will help you attract a wide variety of species as well as aid you in identification and keep you warm on chilly days.

1.Binoculars Binoculars
A pair of binoculars is useful for identifying birds in your garden as it means you can view them without disturbing them by getting too close. Choose a pair of lightweight, waterproof binoculars and keep them handy.
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2.Garden Bird Identification Book Garden Bird Identification Book
The Complete Garden Bird Book will help you identify the most common birds in your garden. It also has information on encouraging birds into your garden, is simple to use and fully illustrated.
3.Fleece Fleece
A fleece will keep you warm and protected from the cold British weather. Choose a fleece that is simple to pull on and in muted colours - you don't want to frighten away the birds!
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4.Flask Flask
Take a hot drink or soup with you and you'll be more than happy to spend a few hours out in the cold observing your garden birds. Or try a hot toddy if you're feeling a bit adventurous.
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5.Bird Table Bird Table
A well stocked bird table will attract many different birds to your garden. This traditional wooden bird table made from FSC pine has a roof to keep the birds protected from the harsh winter elements.
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6. Meripac Bird Feeder Bird Feeder
This multifeeder can hold a variety of food including seeds, fat balls, mealworms and water so will attract many different species. It offers great visibility so is perfect for observing birds in your garden.
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7.Niger Seed Bird Seed
In 2008 the goldfinch made its first appearance in the top 10 birds in the Big Garden Birdwatch survey. You can encourage them into your garden with Niger seed - a black oil-rich tonic which they love.
8.{mosimage} Bird Fat Treat
Fat-rich food is high in energy and essential for birds to survive the winter months. This 12 pack of bird fat treats contains mealworms, berries and insects to suit all wild birds.
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9.{mosimage} Sparrow Flats
Despite being the UK's most popular bird, sparrows are declining in numbers due to a lack of good nesting sites. These sparrow flats will provide a suitable home for them as they prefer to nest in colonies.
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10.{mosimage} Cat Deterrent
CATWatch is an ultrasonic deterrent that will keep intruders out of your garden. It is the only cat deterrent approved by the RSPB and will let your birds enjoy your garden undisturbed.
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