Golden Eagle Latin name: Aquila chrysaetos Length: 70-84 cm
Status: Resident breeding species Wingspan: 185-220 cm
Breeding pairs: 440Weight: 3-6.4 kg
Wintering birds:
Conservation status: Amber

Description: Golden eagles have dark golden-brown upperparts with a paler, golden crown and nape and grey flight feathers.

Golden eagles’ legs are entirely covered in feathers and adults have a dark tipped bill.

Immature golden eagles have white patches on the underside of the wing and a white tail with a dark band.

Nesting: Golden eagles make their nests from large twigs and roots and lined it with moss, bark, fur and other soft material. Nests can measure up to 3 m across.

Golden eagles lay 2-4 whitish eggs with cinnamon brown spots and are incubated usually by the female for 43-45 days. The young fledge at 72-84 days but rely on their parents for another 3 months.

Feeding: Golden eagles have a varied diet comprising mammals such as rabbits, mice and foxes, other birds including game birds and snakes. They will also feed on carrion.

Where to see them:Golden eagles can be seen all year round in the open moorlands and mountains of Scotland. There are also a few golden eagles living in North West England.

Credit: Lauri Hallikainen

Did you know? Golden eagles will eat tortoises, cracking the shell by dropping them from a great height so they can access the meat inside.

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