Cetti’s Warbler Scientific name: Cettia cettiLength: 12-14 cm
Status: Resident breeding species Wingspan: 15-19 cm
Breeding pairs: 2,000Weight: 12-15 g
Wintering birds:
Conservation status: Green

Description: Cetti’s warbler has a fine bill, domed head, short round wings and a long tail.

They are dark brown with whitish-grey underparts. Their eyes are dark brown and their legs are pink.

Males and females look similar although the male is heavier. Juvenile birds are duller.

Nesting: Cetti’s warblers breed from mid June. They build an untidy cup-shaped nest from leaves and stems lined with feathers, hair and flowers.

4-5 brick-red eggs are laid which are incubated by the female for 16-17 days. Chicks are fed on insects by the female and they fledge after 14-15 days.

Feeding: Cetti’s warblers eat mostly insects and aquatic invertebrates. They will also eat snails, worms and occasionally seeds.

Where to see them: Cetti’s warblers live in damp areas close to wetlands. They can be seen all year round particularly in southern England and South Wales.

Credit: maudoc

Did you know? Cetti’s warblers are named after the 18th century zoologist, mathematician and Jesuit priest, Francesco Cetti.

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