Ernest Charles All Season Mix
All seasons mix for an all year, all-purpose blend. A nutritious, no wheat mix - which can be tough for smaller birds. Attracts a wide range of wild birds like blue tit, coal tit, great tit, sparrow, greenfinch, chaffinch, dunnock, reed bunting. MORE INFO ...

Ernest Charles Goldencrest Mix
High-energy seed blend for wild birds. Husk free for no mess. Contains peanut granules for extra energy. Suitable for bird feeders, table and ground feeding. MORE INFO ...

Ernest Charles Wild Seed Blend
Ernest Charles Flight Wild Bird Seed Blend
Ernest Charles flight wild bird seed blend is great taste, no waste. Husk-free, it's a no waste mix with no cheap fillers. Tasty semi-moist seed and insect suet treats for extra goodness. MORE INFO ...

Ernest Charles Feeder Banquet
Ernest Charles Feeder Banquet
Ernest Charles feeder banquet for a luxurious, nutritious treat. A sumptuous blend of energy-rich ingredients. An amazing 70 percent whole striped, black sunflower seeds and hearts. A luxurious free-flowing treat, which won't clog feeders. MORE INFO ...

Ernest Charles Suet Balls
Ernest Charles Suet Balls
Gardman Ernest Charles suet balls are high in protein and fats for an instant energy fix. Contains over 30% fat and nutritious dried insects. 12 balls per pack. MORE INFO ...

Ernest Charles Nyger Seed
Ernest Charles nyger seed is irresistible to finches. Nigeria seed is a very small, oil-rich seed of the thistle. Use a special nyger feeder, with tiny feeding holes, to keep waste to a minimum. MORE INFO ...

Ernest Charles Goldensong Mix
Ernest Charles Goldensong Mix
A blend of oil rich seeds and kernels, as well as tasty treats including dried insects and berries. Softbills such as robins, blackbirds and thrushes will love his bird food as will hedgehogs. MORE INFO ...

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