A variety of treats for feeding your garden birds including fat cakes, suet balls, coconuts, raisins, berries and other fruit. Fats and bird food blocks are loved by birds and are convenient for feeding on a bird table or in feeders. Bird food made from suet or any other fat is also packed with energy, especially important during the cold winter months.

Fat Balls 40 Suet Balls
High energy content, ideal for feeding to a wide variety of wild birds. Suet treats are designed to give the much needed energy required to survive through the winter months and breeding.
Coconut Treat Value Packs Coconut Treat Value Packs
Complete with hanging string, each half-coconut is filled with 300g of high-energy suet mixed with selected seed and peanut flour, and individually wrapped for freshness and hygiene.
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Cranberry Treats Cranberry Treats
This pack of 5 delicious and nutritious cranberry-flavoured treat blocks would make an ideal gift idea and includes a treat basket completely FREE! The cranberry treats are solid 330g blocks of high-quality suet blended with cranberry flavouring.
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Insect Treat Cake Insect Treat Cake
Ground peanuts, finely cracked corn, dried mealworms, dried insects. Every Treat Cake contains over 800g of suet packed with tasty treats and comes complete with a strong cord hanger. 4" high.
Apple Treat Blocks Apple Treat Blocks
Solid 330g blocks of suet blended with apple pieces.
Sunflower Heart Treat Blocks Sunflower Heart Treat Blocks
Solid 330g blocks of suet blended with sunflower hearts.
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Peck-A-Treat Blocks Peck-A-Treat Blocks
Solid 330g blocks of suet blended with different flavourings.
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Seed Treat Cakes Seed Treat Cakes
These seed treat cakes are balanced blend of seeds and suet which will give your birds a nutritious meal. Each cake contains sunflower seeds, white millet, cracked corn, wheat and milo.
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Suet To Go Suet To Go
Suet To Go is the easy, no-mess way to feed your birds high energy, nutritious suet. Supplied in a plastic tub, you simply push the treat cake out and hang it up without having to touch the greasy suet. In fruit, berry and insect flavours.
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Berry Treat Blocks Berry Treat Blocks
Solid 330g blocks of suet blended with delicious berries.
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Suet Pellets And Mealworms Suet Pellets And Mealworms
his new mix combines some of the best high-energy, protein rich ingredients available into one "superfood" for birds. Insect Treat pellets, dried mealworms and wild berry flavour (blueberry and redcurrant) make this the ultimate softbill mix. Feed from a table or on the ground.
Fruit Treat Pellets Fruit Treat Pellets
Real fruit blended with high energy suet to give your birds a fruity treat that's bursting with flavour. Especially popular with softbills such as blackbirds, thrushes and robins, they can be scattered on the ground or table to give a fruit supplement all year round.
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Nutty Treat Blocks Nutty Treat Blocks
Solid 330g blocks of suet blended with nuts.
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Raisin Treat Blocks Raisin Treat Blocks
Solid 330g blocks of suet blended with raisins.
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Cherry Treat Blocks Cherry Treat Blocks
Solid 330g blocks of suet blended with cherries.
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