You can make a fat feeder in a number of different ways. You can use any solid fat such as beef suet or lard and as well as seeds you could add bacon, breadcrumbs, nuts, raisins, grated cheese, in fact anything you think birds would like. Don't use whole peanuts as birds can choke on them - break them up with a food processor or chop finely with a knife.

Woodpecker At Bird Feeder

Supervise young children if they want to make a fat feeder as the melted fat will be hot.

Plastic Recycled Fat Feeder
Cut a hole in the front of an old plastic bottle or milk carton. Make sure the hole is big enough to let a small bird enter.
Melt down enough solid fat such as lard or suet and mix with wild bird seed or peanuts.
Spoon the mixture into the plastic container and leave to set.
Pierce a few holes in the bottom of the bottle to allow any rainwater to drain out.
If using a milk carton you can hang by its handle; otherwise make two holes in the top of the bottle and make a handle from wire or strong twine.
Hang the feeder from a nail in a post or from a tree.

Mesh Fat Feeder
You will need an onion or other fruit or vegetable mesh bag - make sure it is not made of plastic as the birds can choke on it.
Melt down the solid fat and mix with the seeds. Leave to cool until it is like a paste.
Form the mixture into a ball and place inside the mesh bag.
Leave the fat feeder to harden and hang in your garden.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Tie some strong twine or a ribbon around the top of a pine cone taking care that it is in position and won't fall off.
Spread some peanut butter or lard around the pine cone. Make sure the peanut butter is not salted as this will harm the birds.
Roll the pine cone in some bird seed and hang from a tree or a bracket.

You can buy a cake-shaped mould to make your bird feeder or if you don't want to make a feeder then there are may different types of bird feeders you can buy.

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