Peanuts are one of the most popular foods for feeding garden birds. Unfortunately peanuts are also popular with squirrels too! These bird feeders are specially designed to hold peanuts and many will prevent squirrels from getting at them.

Please remember that you should never feed whole peanuts during the breeding season as baby birds can choke on them. By using a special peanut feeder you will ensure that the birds have to peck at the nuts rather than eating them whole. And of course by doing so they will stay around longer in your garden.

Doughnut Peanut Feeder Doughnut Peanut Feeder
Attract wild birds into your garden with this modern, stylish Chapelwood doughnut peanut feeder. The circular design is not only attractive but also practical as more than one bird will be able to feed from it at the same time.
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Chapelwood Stainless Steel Peanut Feeder Chapelwood Stainless Steel Peanut Feeder
This peanut feeder by Chapelwood has an all stainless steel construction. It features removable perches, a shut tight lid and a drain away base. The feeder can be hung or placed on a flat surface.
Gardman Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder Gardman Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder
This heavy duty squirrel proof peanut bird feeder by Gardman is designed to exclude squirrels and large birds such as pigeons. It features a die cast metal cage with a gunmetal finish and a Feedsafe Biocidal coating which kills bacteria on contact.
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Deluxe Peanut Feeder Deluxe Peanut Feeder
This feeder is ideal for peanut feeding It is made from steel and comes with a metal roof for weather-protection so can be left out all year round. Made from durable stainless steel, it is simple and easy to use, refill and clean.
Peanut Pack Peanut Pack
This food and feeder pack is ready to hang and would make an ideal introductory feeder or gift. High quality peanuts are selected from only the finest crops and are high in essential protein and oil. The strong metal cage includes peanuts for convenient feeding. Easy to refill and clean; for safe feeding of peanuts to birds.
  Gardman Flip Top Peanut Feeder
Feed the birds who visit your garden with this peanut feeder from Gardman. The feeder is easy to fill and made from plastic and steel with a strong construction.
Chinese Lantern Nut Feeder Chinese Lantern Nut Feeder
This attractive, yet tough feeder will protect the food from foraging squirrels and large birds. Made entirely from steel, the feeder features a screw-on lid with built in hook, making filling and cleaning particularly easy, as well as a wide base and lid to provide some protection from the elements.
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The Nutosphere The Nutosphere
There is apparently a scientific basis to the design of this excellent feeder, to do with the relationship between the amount of food and the area of the feeding surface, but to us it just means there's room for lots of nuts and lots of birds to eat them! Although just 6" in diameter, the all-metal Nutosphere holds over a kilo, and comes complete with hanging chain and hook.
Ultimate Peanut Feeder Ultimate Peanut Feeder
With the array of holes it is easy to monitor for refilling and gives the opportunity for a few wild birds to eat at once. It features a long handle for hanging purposes and a button release base. Give your garden visitors a real treat.
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Vintage Peanut Feeder Vintage Peanut Feeder
This ornate caged vintage style feeder will look pretty in any garden but will also prevent squirrels stealing the nuts. Available in cream.
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Geohaus Compact Nut Feeder Geohaus Compact Nut Feeder
Made in fresh colours that look great in every garden setting, it’s also highly functional as the feeder is easily removed, which means filling the Geohaus is a breeze and there’s no mess!
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Geohaus Nut Feeder Geohaus Nut Feeder
Stylish, contemporary and beautifully made, the Geohaus is designed to attract a wide variety of garden birds all year round. Available in lime or red.
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Helix Nut Feeder Helix Nut Feeder
The Helix is strong, beautifully designed and perfect for any setting. Featuring a lockable lid and ‘chaff’ catcher which helps prevent waste from falling onto the ground, it’s easy to fill and clean.
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Domed Stainless Steel Nut Feeder Domed Stainless Steel Nut Feeder
Tough, practical and superb value for money, these feeders are manufactured entirely from stainless steel. A domed, overhanging lid, with rubber grommets where the hanger passes through, helps keep the weather off and the nuts in better condition, longer. Complete with 2 rubber-tipped perches and a mesh self-cleaning base.
Droll Yankees Lifetime Nut Feeders Droll Yankees Lifetime Nut Feeders
Like all the feeders in the Lifetime range (also known as New Generation), the nut feeders feature top-quality components to give you years and years of service: an extremely durable alloy cap and base finished in an attractive, weather-resistant, dark green, 2 alloy perches and a heavy gauge stainless steel mesh and hanger.
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Caged Nut Basket Caged Nut Basket
The wire basket is suspended inside a steel cage in which there are apertures big enough for smaller birds like tits and finches, but not for squirrels and larger birds.
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Welland Peanut Feeder Welland Peanut Feeder
Add rustic charm to your garden with this original slate-roofed feeder from Tom Chambers. Manufactured from premium quality wood with a genuine slate roof and natural rope hanger. Features galvanised mesh.
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