Below is a range of bird feeders that will suit anyone's garden or balcony. These bird feeders will take a variety of food and are suitable for many different sizes of birds.

Some are designed to be hung from a tree or a fence, while others are more suited for ground-feeding birds. Wherever you place your bird feeder make sure it is protected from predators.

You can also buy bird food to fill the bird feeders with. And if you want to feed peanuts to birds take a look at these special peanut feeders which is the only safe way to feed whole nuts.

Apple Heart Bird Feeder Apple Heart Bird Feeder
A hanging heart shaped bird feeder designed to hold an apple. It is finished with an age metal effect and comes complete with a hanging chain.
Telephone Box Bird Feeder Telephone Box Bird Feeder
This bird feeder shaped like a traditional red phone box would make a real talking point in any garden. It is constructed from outdoor grade ply-board and is painted with non-toxic paint so is safe for birds to feed from. It would make a fantastic gift for any bird lover.
Bistro Bird Feeders Bistro Bird Feeders
Three cheerful bird feeders with a nutritional seed bar for the birds to snack from, whilst holding onto the little feeding perch. Each set includes a red, blue and yellow birdie bistro. Size: 20cm H, 13cm W, 10.5cm D Approx Weight. 500g each
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Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeders Eva Solo Mini Glass Bird Feeders
These ball-shaped bird feeder are designed to resemble a weaver bird's nest. They are made from clear glass so that you can easily observe visiting birds Ready to hang in the garden or on the balconyEach feeder measures approximately 11cm x 12cm with hanging cord 30cm long.Gift boxed
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Complete Window Bird Feeder Complete Window Feeder
This window feeder is designed to hold seed, water, fatballs and food blocks. It's designed with three-sided open access which makes it easier and safer for birds. The bird feeder holds 2 fat balls or food blocks plus 200g seed and 60ml water or 330g food and no water.
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Ground Sanctuary Feeder Ground Sanctuary Feeder
The mesh gaps in this ground feeder protector are easily changeable for different bird species and to keep squirels off the food. It has a large opening door making it convenient for filling and cleaning and is able to moved without disassembling. It is secured into the ground by 4 removable stakes.
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Cup Window Feeder Cup Window Feeder
This simple little feeder allows you to get up close and personal with the birds. The cup, which holds the seed, stands proud of the window by 12.5 cm and is approximately 5.5 cm in diameter
Flower Bed Bird Feeder Flower Bed Bird Feeder
This sturdy feeder certainly adds a splash of colour to your garden and is suitable for a variety of bird foods, such as seed, mealworms, nibbles and suet sprinkles.
Build Your Own Bird Feeder Build Your Own Bird Feeder
Build your own bird feeder and get a fabulous close up view of birds feeding from inside your home. It makes a lovely little window bird feeder that attaches to your window with suction cups and it could be a great project for your kids.
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Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station
Sturdy bird feeding station includes 1 water dish, 1 mesh dish, 3 poles and 2 hanging brackets. Full assembly instructions are included.

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