Different nest boxes will attract different species of birds. Where you site your box will also determine the types of birds that use your box. You can use a nest box designed specifically for one species in mind or nest boxes where you can change the size of the whole or leave it open fronted.

Bird Boxes

Small box with a hole
Blue tit - gardens and woodland, urban and rural areas
Great tit - gardens and woodland, urban and rural areas
Coal tit - sometimes in gardens, usually near conifers, rural areas
Marsh tit - sometimes in gardens, near woodland, rural areas
Willow tit - occasionally in gardens, near woodland, rural areas
House sparrow - gardens, urban and rural areas
Tree sparrow - countryside gardens, farmland
Nuthatch - gardens near woodland
Redstart - mainly in oak woodland
Pied flycatcher - mainly in oak woodland

Large box with a hole
Starling - gardens and countryside, urban and rural areas
Great spotted woodpecker - do not often use nest boxes, urban and rural areas
Little owl - countryside

Very big box
Tawny owl - wooded suburbs and woodland
Barn owl - farmland and open country
Kestrel - farmland and open country
Stock dove - farmland and open country
Jackdaw - farmland and open country

Open fronted box
Robin - gardens and woodland, urban and rural areas
Pied wagtail - schools, parks etc, urban and rural areas
Spotted flycatcher - gardens, parks and woodland, rural areas

We also have some specific advice on owl boxes.

Take a look at our selection of nest boxes to find one to suit the type of bird you want to attract.

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