Schwegler nest boxes are designed to mirror natural holes, with internal dimensions that are similar to the holes made by woodpeckers or caused by decay in old trees. Schwegler nest boxes are simple to install, inspect and clean and their patented method of installation on trees prevents the tree trunk from growing over the hanger from which the box is suspended.

Schwegler nest boxes are renowned for their durability and will last up to 25 years. They have been developed in close collaboration with leading ornithologists, nature conservation organisations and forestry experts.

Schwegler nest boxes are made from a unique wood-concrete material called WoodCretePLUS, a natural product made from 75% wood and various additives to compensate for climate change. WoodCretePLUS provides insulation against temperature fluctuations, allows air to pass through the walls and prevents condensation occurring on the inside of the box. WoodCretePLUS is much longer lasting and weather-resistant than wood, and is strong enough to withstand the attention of woodpeckers.

Schwegler products have been officially recognised and approved by many organisations including the BTO.

Schwegler 1B General Purpose Nest Box Schwegler 1B General Purpose Nest Box
The official nest box of National Nest Box week. Made from 75% wood shavings, this bird box is weatherproof and rot-proof. It provides excellent natural respiration, which prevents condensation inside the box and therefore makes it snug and comfortable for breeding birds.
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Schwegler House Martin Nest Schwegler House Martin Nest
A bowl shaped nest made of air permeble wood-concrete and a backing board made of exterior grade, formaldehyde-free chipboard to prevent warping. Place as high as possible under the eaves of the house. Height 11cm Length 46cm Depth 14cm
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Schwegler Swallow Nest Box Schwegler Swallow Nest
Although Swallows are sociable birds the nest should be placed no closer than 1 m apart. Made of wood concrete and has a wooden panel of formaldhyde-free chipboard. Place as high up as possible leaving 10cm of headroom.
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Schwegler 3-Hole Bird Nest Box Schwegler 3-Hole Bird Nest Box
A superb box for all Britain's small hole-nesting birds - including blue, great, marsh and coal tits, house and tree sparrows, nuthatches and pied flycatchers. It comes complete with hanger and safe aluminium nail. The triple entrance encourages the birds to nest at the back, out of reach of predators.
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Schwegler Wren House Schwegler Wren House
Wrens are great nest builders, and while they normally construct several nests each spring, only a few will be used since the female selects the one she likes best. Designed to appeal specially to wrens, the round house will increase the chances of attracting nesting wrens to your garden - especially if you put up two or three boxes in suitable sites. They can be positioned near the ground, tucked away in thick undergrowth or partly hidden in ivy, or higher up under the eaves of the garden shed.
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Schwegler Wren House Schwegler 2M Nest Box
The 2M nest box is similar to the 1B nest box but can be freely suspended and has a conical roof. These features protect against cats and deter squirrels. The front panels of the 1B and 2M nest boxes are interchangeable.
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