When Bill Oddie's Little Black Bird Book was first published in 1980 it told us what many of us already knew - that bird watching is an ultra-competitive hobby with its own vocabulary and class system.

Bill Oddie's Little Black Book

According to Bill Oddie, 'bird watchers are tense, competitive, selfish, shifty, dishonest, distrusting, boorish, pedantic, unsentimental, arrogant and – above all – envious'.

Described by British Birdwatching as the 'funniest book ever read' in the Little Black Bird Book, Bill Oddie describe in his own hilarious way equipment, apparel, sightings, cock-ups, the kind of places to go to and the places (and people) to avoid, the birds he's seen and the birds that got away.

The Little Black Bird Book is a classic and if you're a bird watcher you must read this book. If you're a birder, you already have. And if you're neither it'll turn you off bird-watching for ever, which as Bill says is no bad thing because there's too many of us already.

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