Afghanistan Golden Eagle Official
Andorra Bearded Vulture Not Official
Angola Red-crested turaco Official
Anguilla Zenaida dove Official
Antigua and Barbuda Magnificent frigatebird Official
Argentina Rufous hornero Official
Australia Emu Not Official
Austria Barn swallow Official
Bahamas American flamingo Official
Bahrain Himalayan bulbul Official
Bangladesh Oriental magpie-robin Official

Oriental Magpie-Robin
Oriental magpie-robin - national bird of Bangladesh

Belarus White stork Official
Belgium Common kestrel Official
Belize Keel-billed toucan Official
Bermuda Bermuda petrel Not Official
Bhutan Common raven Official
Bolivia Andean condor Official
Botswana Kori bustard Official
Brazil Rufous-bellied thrush Official

Rufous-Bellied Thrush
Rufous-bellied thrush - national bird of Brazil

British Virgin Islands Mourning dove Official
Cambodia Giant ibis Official
Cape Verde Grey-headed kingfisher Official
Cayman Islands Grand Cayman parrot Official
Chile Andean condor Official
China Red-crowned crane Not Official
Colombia Andean condor Official
Costa Rica Clay-colored thrush Official
Ivory Coast White-cheeked turaco Official
Croatia Common nightingale Not Official
Cuba Cuban trogon Official
Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo peafowl Not Official
Denmark Mute swan Official
Dominica Imperial amazon Official
Dominican Republic Palmchat Official
Ecuador Andean condor Official
Egypt Golden eagle Not Official
El Salvador Turquoise-browed motmo Official
Estonia Barn swallow Official
Faroe Islands Eurasian oystercatcher Official
Finland Whooper swan Official
France Gallic rooster Not Official
Germany Golden eagle Official
Gibraltar Barbary partridge Official
Greece Little owl Official
Grenada Grenada dove Official
Guatemala Resplendent quetzal Official
Guyana Hoatzin Official
Haiti Hispaniolan trogon Official
Honduras Scarlet macaw Official
Hungary Saker falcon Official
Iceland Gyrfalcon Official

Gryfalcon - national bird of Iceland

India Indian peacock Official
Indonesia Javan hawk-eagle Official
Iran Common nightingale Official
Iraq Chukar partridge Official
Israel Hoopoe Official
Italy Italian sparrow Official
Jamaica Doctor bird Official
Japan Green pheasant Official
Jordan Sinai rosefinch Official
Kenya Lilac-breasted roller Not Official
Latvia White wagtail Official
Liberia Garden bulbul Official
Lithuania White stork Official
Luxembourg Goldcrest Official
Malawi Bar-tailed trogon Official
Malaysia Rhinoceros hornbill Official
Maldives Oriental turtle dove Not Official
Malta Blue rock thrush Official
Mauritius Dodo Official
Mexico Northern crested caracara Official
Mongolia Saker falcon Official
Montserrat Montserrat oriole Official
Myanmar Grey peacock-pheasant Not Official
Namibia African fish eagle Official
Nepal Himalayan monal Official
New Zealand Kiwi Not Official
Nicaragua Turquoise-browed motmot Official
Nigeria Black crowned crane Official
Norway White-throated dipper Official
Pakistan Chukar partridge Official
Palestine Palestine sunbird Not Official
Panama Harpy eagle Official
Papua New Guinea Raggiana bird of paradise Official
Paraguay Bare-throated bellbird Official
Peru Andean cock-of-the-rock Official
Philippines Philippine eagle Official
Puerto Rico Puerto Rican spindalis Official
Romania Great white pelican Not Official
Russia Tundra swan Not Official
Saint Helena Saint Helena plover Official
Saint Kitts and Nevis Brown pelican Official
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines St Vincent parrot Official
Scotland Golden eagle Not Official
Serbia Griffon vulture Official
Singapore Crimson sunbird Not Official
South Africa Blue crane Official
South Korea Korean magpie Not Official
South Sudan African fish eagle Official
Spain Spanish imperial eagle Not Official
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka junglefowl Official
Sudan Secretary bird Official
Swaziland Purple-crested turaco Official
Sweden Common blackbird Official
Taiwan Taiwan blue magpie Not Official
Thailand Siamese fireback Official
Trinidad and Tobago Scarlet ibis Official

Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet ibis - national bird of Trinidad and Tobago

Turkey Redwing Official
Uganda East African crowned crane Official
United Kingdom European robin Not Official
United States Bald eagle Official
Uruguay Southern lapwing Not Official
Venezuela Venezuelan troupial Official
Zambia African fish eagle Official
Zimbabwe African fish eagle Official

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