Have you read our fantastic list of Bird Films? We've come up with a sequel - Duck Films!

Howard The Duck

Pintail Express Dead Ducks Society
The Drake House The League Of Extraordinary Ducks
The Quack Dhalia The Eider House Rules
From Duck Till Dawn Ducky Number Slevin
Whistling Duck In Brooklyn Men In Quack
Duck Throat Duck Trek - The Next Generation
The Ducks Of Hazzard Mallard Fair Lady
Dances With Ducks Blazing Waddles
A Knight's Teal Who's Afraid Of Virgina Duck
The Day Of The Quackal Mallard Of The Rings
A Mirror Quacked Pride And Prejuduck
Independence Duck Raiders Of The Lost Duck
Beak Season Dr Strangeduck
Quack Me If You Can Goodnight And Good Duck
Meet Joe Quack So I Married A Quacks Murderer
Don't Duck Now The Mallard Of The Sad Cafe
Donnie Ducko My Webbed Foot
National Velvet Scoter Drakes On A Plane
Drakes On A Plane Quack Hawk Down
Uncle Duck Reservoir Ducks
The Empire Strikes Quack Duck And Cover Girl
Children of a Lesser Scaup Good Bill Hunting
Waddleworld Quack To The Future
Moondraker Easy Eider
Teal Magnolias The Peking And I
Teal With Mussolini Duckter Doolittle
A Quackwork Orange Mallard Rats
On The Waterfowl Slumduck Miilionaire
The Joy Duck Club Quackablanca
The House On Haunted Bill Animal Quackers
Duck Tracy Duck Rogers
Happy Go Ducky Tinsel Down
Die Mallard Drake Placid
The Drake Escape Running Mandarin
Mallard Cop Anatidae Of A Murder
The Quack And The Dead The Three Muscovy-teers
Daffy Does Dallas Desperately Beaking Susan
Quack Of The Clones Aylsebury My Heart At Wounded Knee
The Fowling Barbary-ella
The Last Boy Scaup The Eider Sanction
Nine And A Half Beaks Planet Of The Drakes
The Incredibills What's Eating Gilbert Drake?
Stop Or My Mom Will Coot Captain Correlli's Mandarin

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