Forget the Oscars - these are (in no particular order) the best bird films ever made.

The Birds

Hen Harrier Met Sally Forbidden Gannet
Starling Wars Escape from Smew York
Hoopoe Dreams The Eider House Rules
From Duck Till Dawn Mooncrake-r
The Red Shoebills No Country for Old Wren
Ground Hornbill Day Poulin Rouge
Fear and Lapwing in Las Vegas Bee (Eater) Movie
The Living Jay-lights Tern After Reading
The Dam-Bustards The Passerine Of Christ
Boston Fish Eagle Snow Falling On Cedar Waxwings
The Curious Case of Benjamin Puffin He's Just Not That In To Curlew
The World Is Not A Chough Cirl (Bunting) Interrupted
I'm All Right Jackdaw Dr Strangedove
My Best Friend's Gull Ryan's Condor-ghter
The Flycatcher In The Rye The Postman Always Rings Twite
Wren Worlds Collide The Dark Kite
The Last Kingfisher Of Scotland Empire Of The Sunbird
Swan Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Bullfinch Durham
Terns of Endearment Liar Lyre Bird
Cranespotting Monte Carlo Or Bustard
National Velvet Scoter Albatrossing Delancy
Parrots of the Caribbean Raiders Of The Lost Lark
Children of the Corncrake The Navy Lark
Legend of Hell Grouse Quail Rider
Money Crane The Pit and the Pendiline Tit
Raging Bullfinch Jeepers Treecreepers
House Of Waxwing The Empire Shrikes Back
Ploverfield The Money Pipit
Fieldfare of Dreams Day Of The Jackdaw
Charlie Wilson's Warbler Gorky Lark
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Plover Ruff Justice
Happy Go Ducky Goosebusters
Harrier Potter Little Auk The Slayer
Any Which Way But Goose Grouseparty
Quailhouse Rock The Redhsank Redemption
The Last Emperor (Penguin) The Great Crane Robbery
A Perfect Storm Petrel The Peregrine Falcon
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotted Dove Broken Sparrow
The Lion, the Witch, And The Warbler A Fistful of Dollarbirds
Bittern Harvest Brambling Rose
We Need To Stork About Kevin Clear And Pheasant Danger

Do you know any better bird movie puns? Let us know here.

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