Below are the answers to the Birds In Poetry Quiz.

1. Swans - W B Yeats; The Wild Swans At Coole

2. Albatross - Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

3. Peacocks – John Masefield; Cargoes

4. Chaffinch – Robert Browning; Home Thoughts, From Abroad

5. Starling – Paul Farley; For the House Sparrow, in Decline

6. Ostrich – Robert Lowell; Skunk Hour

7. Owl – Thomas Gray; Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

8. Eagle – e.e. cummings; The Eagle

9. Falcon – Gerard Manley Hopkins; The Windhover

10. Nightingale – Khalil Gibran; Song Of The Soul

11. Cuckoo - Carol Ann Duffy; Mrs. Tiresias

12. Blackbird – Wallace Stevens; Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird

13. Dove – Rudyard Kipling; The Way Through The Woods

14. Lark – William Shakespeare; The Passionate Pilgrim

15. Linnet - Robert William Service; The Birdwatcher

16. Robin – Emily Dickinson; The Robin

17. Goldfinches – John Keats; I Stood Tip-Toe Upon A Little Hill

18. Gulls - T S Eliot; The Waste Land

19. Sparrow – William Blake; The Blossom

20. Wren – William Wordsworth; School Time

21. Heron - Dylan Thomas; Poem in October

22. Dodo - Sylvia Plath; You’re

23. Swallow – Dylan Thomas; Fern Hill

24. Seagull - Daljit Nagra; Look We Have Coming to Dover!

25. Yellowhammer – John Clare; The Yellowhammer’s Nest

26. Wagtails – Dame Mary Gilmore; The First Thrush

27. Loon – Celia Thaxter; Seaward

28. Pelican - Dixon Lanier Merritt; Limerick

29. Thrush – Thomas Hardy; The Darkling Thrush

30. Tits, Jays, Woodpecker – Lord Alfred Tennyson; The Progress Of Spring


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