ChapelWood Wildlife Care has over 15 years experience with a dedication and unrivalled expertise that has led to many industry ‘firsts’.

Extensive research of UK garden wildlife has led to the reformulation of all ChapelWood’s bird food mixes adding more vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 rich oils to give birds a healthier diet all year round. Many of ChapelWood’s bagged seed mixes are from approved conservation grade farms meaning they are ‘Fair to Nature’. These farms are working to increase the number of natural wildlife habitats throughout British farmlands.

ChapelWood’s bird feeders are designed for year round feeding and are made from durable construction including stainless steel and powder coated finishes. Specialist and squirrel proof feeders are also available and an antique verdigris collection would make great gifts.

ChapelWood nest boxes are FSC certified and will provide homes and breeding spots for many of the UK’s wild birds, while bird baths and bird tables come in a range of styles and designs to suit any garden.

To complement the range there are a number of useful accessories both for bird care and other wildlife that visit UK gardens including hedgehogs and insects.

Chapelwood Bird Feeder Scoop Chapelwood Bird Feeder Scoop
Top up your bird feeders without making a mess. This scoop fits perfectly in all ChapelWood feeders. It is made from strong, durable metal and painted green
Chapelwood Dining Station Chapelwood Dining Station
Create a garden centrepiece for wild birds to feed at. The Chapelwood dining station is made from high quality, screw together steel poles. It features a four way head, water dish, mesh tray and two feeding hooks.
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Chapelwood Suet Balls Chapelwood Suet Balls
Provide a high energy suet treat for garden visiting birds. These suet balls are suitable for year round feeding and they are net free to prevent the accidental trapping of wild birds. Box of 75 suet balls.
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Chapelwood Squirrel Blocking Cage Chapelwood Squirrel Blocking Cage
Ideal for keeping squirrels off most standard feeders, the cage is made from powder coated steel and snaps together in seconds. It is supplied with a securing screw for use with Chapelwood's premium feeders
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Chapelwood Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder Chapelwood Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder
The Chapelwood heavy duty peanut feeder consists of a heavy duty plastic top and base with metal mesh for feeding and features a quick release base for easy filling and cleaning. The flat base design and hanging strap allows the feeder to be placed on a flat surface or hung from a pole or branch.
Chapelwood Storage Container Chapelwood Storage Container
This small storage container from Chapelwood has a heavy duty rustic design and is perfect for keeping wild bird food fresh and free of unwanted critters. This container has a carry handle and a capacity of 4kg.
Chapelwood No Mess Energy Mix Chapelwood No Mess Energy Mix
Blended from the finest de-hulled high energy seeds and grains, this bird food mix also contains high energy suet pellets to help give wild birds that extra boost when they need it. And hulled seeds mean no mess is left behind.
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