Below you will find a selection of modern bird tables suitable for a contemporary or urban garden.

Bird tables made from materials such as metal, glass, steel and plastic are often easier to clean and will last a lot longer outdoors than traditional wooden bird tables.

Buying your bird table online is quick, convenient and easy and you can have it delivered direct to your front door to save you the hassle of transporting it back home from a garden centre.

We also have a range of modern bird feeders to complement your bird table.
Porcelain Bird Table Black Porcelain Bird Table
A stunning contemporary bird table in a classic style with a porcelain gloss finish. The top half provides shelter for birds with a seed bowl underneath. The bird table is easy to assemble and comes with a strong wooden ground stake.
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Danish Bird Table Danish Style Bird Table
A handmade Danish designed contemporary bird table. The bird table has a galvanised roof and sits on a solid black painted stick. It measures 40.6 x 39.6 x 28.6 cm.
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Eva Solo Bird Table Eva Solo Glass Bird Table
Welcome the birds into your garden with this beautifully designed bird table which almost floats above the ground. The table is designed to keep the bird food dry and it is also squirrel proof. The glass container holds up to 5 litres of bird food and dispenses it as it is consumed by the birds.
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Fuera Bird Feeder Fuera Bird Table
Modern bird table made from matt stainless steel and wood would be ideal in an urban garden. The Fuera bird table is 122 cm high and 25 cm diameter.
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Nido Bird Table Nido Bird Table
Feed the birds with this smart and modern stainless steel bird table. A stylish addition to your garden or patio area The Nido bird table comes with a ground pick and suspension hanger
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Reservoir Bird Table Reservoir Bird Table
The reservoir bird table keeps water fresh, requires less cleaning and needs topping up less often. It reduces evaporation so conserves water. Overall height 77 cm, diameter 26 cm.
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Flutterstation Bird Feeder Blomus Flutterstation Bird Feeder
A sleek modern bird feeder designed to hold fat balls or an apple. The bird feeder is made from brushed stainless steel and stands 115 cm tall.
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Eva Solo Stainless Steel Bird Table Eva Solo Stainless Steel Bird Feeder
The Bird table from Eva Solo is a modern version of the classic bird table. Its sculptural design resembles a ball floating in space, while the semi-circular halves form both the table and the cover. Using the pole, which is assembled from steel rods, the bird table can be easily positioned in the garden.
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Hanging Steel Bird Table Stainless Steel Hanging Bird Table
This beautifully designed bird table is from Gardman in a contemporary, stainless steel finish that would look great in any urban garden. It is self-assembly and will hold a wide variety of seeds and food.
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